Zoom Panel

Name: Zoom Panel

Date joined: 12/18/2010

Referral program? Yes, pays 50 ZoomPoints for every referral qualifying for ZoomPanel Surveys.

URL: http://www.zoompanel.com/

Amount earned: $25.00 in Amazon Gift Code

Paid? Yes! Made first redemption request on 06/09/12, the gift code from Amazon arrived 06/12/12. Their redemption process for the codes was a little odd with a number of steps to jump through, but I’m glad to say it did arrive.

Zoom Panel Payment Proof:

Recommended? Yes, but in my experience this was a slow earner. It took me a year and a half just to get to the $25.00 to cash out! ZoomPanel is definitely not a scam site, but it’s not one of the faster ones. In all fairness though, note that I have not hooked up my Facebook profile with the site, which would have increased my earning capability. Hooking Facebook in is something I’m just not comfortable with.

Last updated: 06/12/12