Prolific Academic – Fourth payment received

Name: Prolific Academic

Type: Surveys, MTurk Alternative

Referral program? Yes, pays 10% of your referral’s first cashout. Also will pay £20 if you refer a researcher who runs a study of a minimum of £50, plus the researcher will receive £25 to run the study.


Paid? Yes! Total paid to date: $32.61  US

Prolific Payment Proof:


I joined Prolific as an additional way to do research studies outside of MTurk. The studies are all very interesting, and the dashboard will show you exactly how long each survey is intended to run for, so you can get a good idea of what your time per minute earnings will be. The sign up is fast and easy, and it only took me five surveys to reach the £5 cashout threshold.

As you can see from the payment screenshot, as a US participant, I needed to have PayPal convert my GBP into US funds, and there was a tiny  PayPal fee.

I highly recommend this site!

Originally posted: 12/20/14
Last update: 04-05-16

GiftHulk – 21st Payment Received

Name: Gift Hulk

Type of program: Contests, Sweepstakes, Paid Clicks, Surveys, Paid Search, Paid Referrals, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos, Crowdsourcing

 Date joined: 05/02/12

Referral program? Yes! You earn 20% from all the Hulk Coins that your referrals earn using the Offer Walls,  EZ Coins, Tasks and Surveys. You also earn 20% from all of your referral wins at GiftHulk Search  and Treasure Box.


Paid? Yes! Total redeemed to date: $110.00

Minimum redemption is 5000 coins for a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal withdrawal. They also have a wide variety of other merchandiser gift cards and offers at reasonable and reachable levels. Payments usually take one to three days to arrive.

GiftHulk Payment Proof:


International members? USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Ireland only.


Initial Impression and Review:  GiftHulk was another program I found by them following me on Twitter. This program is very similar to SwagBucks.

You earn in a number of different ways. They have the familiar Offer Walls and EZ Coins with paid videos, surveys and registrations, Daily Surveys, Crowdsourcing Tasks, “Fountain of Youth” codes, online games where the tournament leaders get points, a toolbar with additional point offers, paid searches, point sweepstakes and contests, and finally the ‘guess the card’ game, which awards various points.

Recommended? Yes – GiftHulk is definitely legit and not a scam site.

Originally posted: 06-01-12
Last update:

GrabPoints (Formerly ZoomBucks) – Third Redemption Received

Name: GrabPoints (Formerly Zoombucks)

Program Type: Paid Search, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos,  Crowdsourcing, Paid Referrals, Cash Back Shopping, Contests, Paid Apps, MTurk Alternative

Referral Program? Yes, pays 10% of referral’s qualified earnings.


International? Yes, accepts all countries.

Amount earned: $15.00 Payments arrive in under one week.

Zoombucks Payment Proof:


Initial impression and review:

ZoomBucks is a multi-portal GPT site very similar to Swagbucks, but with a few cool extra incentives. You earn in much the same way, but they also have a paid to promote program you can apply for. In all honesty I didn’t spend a whole lot of time there, and think I should give them a second look, as this seems to be a good extra earning alternative.

Recommended? Yes, definitely!

Originally posted: 12/02/14
Last update: 01-15-16

Consumer Village

Name: Consumer Village

Program type: Surveys

Date joined: 12/18/2010

Referral program? No


Amount earned: $60 in Amazon Gift Certificates

Paid? Yes!  Paid five times so far in Amazon Gift Codes. The site has recently had an update, and the redemption process has changed. They used to send you your codes automatically, now you need to request them from your Dashboard.

The Amazon Gift Codes for Consumer Village can be tricky to find too, once you’ve redeemed. What you need to do is go back into your Dashboard, and then go back to Points and Progress. You’ll see your cashout request listed there, along with the other surveys you have taken. If you click directly on the words “Cash Out”, that section will open up, and you’ll see your Amazon Gift Code listed in there. You’ll just need to copy and paste it into your Amazon account.

Click the image below to get a larger sized screen shot, so you can see how to get your Amazon Gift Code from Gognos after you’ve redeemed.

Previous Consumer Village Payment Proof:


Recommended? Yes.  Consumer Village or is not a scam.  It’s definitely a legit site. It doesn’t really take any time, and it’s always a nice little bump to get these  gift card codes. Go ahead and join.

Last update: 02-22-15

MintVine – Paid Twice!

Name: MintVine

Date joined: 12/09/2013

Program type: Surveys, Paid Referrals, Paid Registrations

Referral Program? Yes. Pays 50 points per valid referral, and 15% of referral’s earnings.

International? It appears so… there is nothing on the website that I can find about any countries that are restricted, and I do see people from outside the US posting questions on their Facebook page. I’m adding this to the International list, but will update if I find out otherwise.


Initial Review and Impressions:

I discovered MintVine via a sign up offer at FusionCash, and registered from there. It was a fast signup, and after confirming my email address there were a series of profile surveys and quick polls to complete, which brought me just a little over halfway to redemption.

If you screen out of a survey here, you receive a 5 point bonus. It took me just under two months to reach the $10.00 (1,000 points) minimum needed for redemption, but I think the second redemption will take much longer, without those initial profile surveys to give me a boost.

Paid? Yes!

  1. Redemption request submitted 01/27/14; received 01/30/14.
  2. Request submitted 05/19/14; received 05/23/14

MintVine Payment Proof:

PayPal payments via MintVine

PayPal payments via MintVine

Originally posted: 01/27/14
Last updated: 05/23/14



Name: Microworkers

Type of program: Crowdsourcing, Paid Signups

Date joined: 01/14/2011

Referral program? Not at present. They used to have a program where you couldreceive a $1.00 bonus once your referral earns $25.00, but this is on hold.


Amount earned: $27.79 Received

Paid? Yes! Once you reach the payout threshold, you need to request a PIN from them that will be sent to you via snail mail. When the PIN arrives (took about three weeks for it to come in the mail), you manually enter this into the site, and they will then process your payment. Payment options are Moneybookers or AlertPay at present time.

Just a word of caution that PTC Investigations moved this site to their Not Recommended list on 10/18/12 due to other member’s complaints of nonpayment. I personally never had a problem with my payments, and received my payment PIN in the mail with no trouble.

Microworkers Payment Proof:


Last update:12/03/12

IPSOS i-Say – Paid 7 times

Name: IPSOS i-Say


Program Type: Surveys


Date joined: 12/18/2010


Referral program? Yes, but you can only email people you know from inside the site, and rewards are limited to sweepstakes drawing. They offer an affiliate program through ShareaSale and Commission Junction.




Amount earned: $100.00 Paid



Paid? Yes! Minimum payout is 1,500 points ($15.00)


  1. Requested my first payout on 1/20/11 for $10.00 (1,000 points). Check arrived 3/3/11.
  2. $15.00 payout requested 5/31/11, arrived 7/5/11.
  3. $15.00 payout requested via PayPal 12/10/11, arrived 12/29/2011.
  4. $15.00 payout requested via PayPal 04/13/12, arrived 05/01/12.
  5. $15.00 payout requested via PayPal 11/15/12, arrived 11/28/12
  6. $15.00 payout requested via PayPal 04/28/13, arrived 05/08/13
  7. $15.00 payout requested via PayPal 11/06/13, arrived 11/15/13


i-Say Payment Proofs:

isayjuly11 isay0304

Paypal payments from iSay

Paypal payments from iSay


Recommended? Yes! It’s an easy site to earn at. Also, I’ve gotten awesome freebies from them to test and give feedback on. Full size freebies at that – not skimpy trial sizes!



Originally posted: January, 2011
Last update: