GrabPoints (Formerly ZoomBucks) – Third Redemption Received

Name: GrabPoints (Formerly Zoombucks)

Program Type: Paid Search, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos,  Crowdsourcing, Paid Referrals, Cash Back Shopping, Contests, Paid Apps, MTurk Alternative

Referral Program? Yes, pays 10% of referral’s qualified earnings.


International? Yes, accepts all countries.

Amount earned: $15.00 Payments arrive in under one week.

Zoombucks Payment Proof:


Initial impression and review:

ZoomBucks is a multi-portal GPT site very similar to Swagbucks, but with a few cool extra incentives. You earn in much the same way, but they also have a paid to promote program you can apply for. In all honesty I didn’t spend a whole lot of time there, and think I should give them a second look, as this seems to be a good extra earning alternative.

Recommended? Yes, definitely!

Originally posted: 12/02/14
Last update: 01-15-16

Perk / PerkTV – First Redemption Received

Originally posted: 12/03/14

Name: Perk / Perk Search / PerkTV
Program Type: Paid Search, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos,  Paid Referrals, Cash Back Shopping, Contests, Paid Apps

Perk is another multi-portal GPT site, with the added incentive of mobile apps for videos, searching and shopping.

Referral Program? Yes, pays 500 points when your referral completes their first redemption.


International? From the Terms and Conditions page: “Perk, the Perk Rewards Platform, and Perk points are only available in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Any points earned outside of the locations listed are not eligible for redemption. Perk is working on getting Perk to your country so bear with us!”

Amount paid: $10.00 in Amazon Gift Card codes.

  1. $5.00 Amazon Gift Card request submitted 12/03/14, received 12/05/14
  2. $5.00 Amazon Gift Card request submitted 01/07/15, received 01/09/14

Perk Payment Proof:


Recommended? Yes! Great site, low redemption threshold and fast payment processing.

Originally posted: 12/03/14
Last update: 01/09/15

Mindfield Online – 2nd Payment Received

Name: Mindfield Online

Type of program: Survey

Date joined: 04/04/2011

Referral program? Yes

Signup incentive?  No


Amount earned: $12.00 Paid, $1.00 Pending.

Paid? Yes!

  • First $7.00 PayPal payment requested 6/20/2011, received 7/5/11.
  • Second $5.00 PayPal payment requested 4/2/12, received 4/3/12

MindfieldOnline Payment Proof:


Recommended? Yes. High paying surveys and well-designed dashboard.

Last update: 04/03/12

February 2012 Referral Program Ranking Results

I’ve been using this little chart over at EasyHits4U and thought I’d copy it over here as well.

Following are my results from the programs that offer referral programs, along with the average minutes per day I spend on each. Your results obviously will vary, but my programs ranked by how much they’ve earned overall and how long I spend on each are below.

There are programs I recommend that don’t offer referral rewards, but many people aren’t interested in those because they have the ability to refer large members. This chart lists referral programs only. The amount listed is how much I’ve earned since joining.

February 2012 Ranking Results

Name Cash Paid! Avg Minutes/ Day
Fusion Cash 186.18 10
Unique Rewards 62.78 5
SurveySavvy 50.00 5
Swagbucks 45.00 10
Beezag 34.00 5
ClixSense 34.33 5
Gomez Peer Zone 29.98 0
DonkeyMails 27.75 10
InboxDollars 27.03 5
SideTick 25.00 2
Instant Cash Sweepstakes 22.44 5
Neobux 11.16 5
Microworkers 9.49 5
Mindfield Online 7.00 5
PollBuzzer 4.00 0
 PTCBox 2.13  5


Name: MemoLink

Type of program: Surveys, Paid Emails, Crowdsourcing, Paid Registrations, Paid Referrals

Date joined: 12/24/2010

Referral program? Yes, 50 points per referral plus shopping percentage (10% of points)
Amount earned: 6915  points
Paid? Not yet. Minimum redemption is 19,200 points ($10.00). You can get a check made payable to CASH. You can also get gift cards or gas cards starting at 19,200 points as well. You need to be an upgraded Memogold member to get payment via PayPal
Recommended? Time will tell. Back in the good old days, this was high on my recommended list. I don’t like that there isn’t a referral URL any longer, and that you need to send referrals through internal email only. Right now it seems like the majority of the points can only be earned through shopping, although they have a few paid videos and registrations.  I’ll give this a month to see how the new Memolink pays as opposed to the old one back in 2000.

Last update: 11/24/2011

ClixSense adds referral link tracking

Received an email today from ClixSense stating you can track your referral leads with just a short addition to your referral link:

“We’ve noticed a lot more members are using campaigns to track where their affiliates are coming from. A campaign is just a simple way for you to get stats on where ever you are promoting your affiliate link. If you wanted to create a campaign for an email that you want to send to your friends then you would do this:

This will show up in your affiliate stats as friends and show total hits and sign ups from it. The word after the & can be any word you want and you can setup as many campaigns as you wish. Setting up a campaign is as easy as creating the link then promoting it. “

Very nice!

No More Rack – Review

Name: No More Rack

Type of program: Referral site / Free Gift Certificate. Here’s how it works. Someone refers you to the site, and you get a $10.00 gift certificate code applied to your account. Then, you refer others to the site by promoting your code for a $10.00 certificate. For everyone who signs up, you get another $5.00 credited to your account after they make a purchase. This part is important.
Each day they post 8 “deals”, which are items at substantial discounts. For example, today’s deal includes a Biatta Cami and Boyshort Set for $8.00 and Novela Montana boots for $20.00. You use your gift certificate codes to pay for these, and then pay $2.00 per item shipping and handling.
The site states they were seen on “The Talk” and CBS, but they don’t have a link to where they were reviewed.Here’s one catch – you must have at least $20.00 of merchandise in your cart to place an order. That means you need to get at least two people to sign up, and place an order, before you can get anything for free. Also, your gift card codes expire after 60 days, so you need to get those referrals and place your order before then.

Date joined: 01/14/2011

Referral program? Yes, as stated above.


Recommended? Why not? The sign up is fast, and the opportunity to get some cool items for only $2.00 shipping and handling is worth it. While not exactly a “freebie”, because you do need to pay S&H, this could be worthwhile if there was something you really wanted. The worst thing that can happen is that none of your friends make a purchase, and your code expires. But then again, the only thing you’ve lost is the two minutes it took to sign up, and the amount of time you spent sending out your code.