Updated – MySoapBox.com has two contests with good odds

Newer survey site MySoapBox is still an excellent contest bet for entries with  pretty good odds to win.

The first is just email them a  quick answer for an entry in their “Spring Cleaning” contest. From the newsletter:

We want to hear your best clean up stories and tips! Have you ever participated in a charity clean-up? What about clean up around your home?

From small productivity tips all the way to renovations you’ve done, speak out and let us know!”

The second is a referral contest. Again, from the newsletter:

“Want another opportunity to earn 25,000 points and the opportunity to redeem your points for a prize? We’ve added a special public referral link to the Refer a Friend page on the MySoapBox website, making it easier to refer friends and family and earn points. For the month of March, we’re running a contest in which the MySoapBox member who gets the most new members to join will win an additional 25,000 points along with the 250 points for each referral!

Sweepstakes rules can be found at MySoapBox Sweepstakes Rules

25,000 points translates into a $25.00 gift card in their redemption catalog. They offer a variety of merchandisers, retailers and restaurants.

Because this is a new-er survey site, odds are pretty good for winning these. If you’re not already a member, now would be a good time to take a look at this promising new rewards program.

Visit MySoapBox.com

MySoapBox adds dynamic referral link

Logging into MySoapBox today, I was very happy to see a flashing text update advising that they now offer a dynamic referral link to their members. Previously, you could only refer via an internal email.

If you’re a member, be sure to log into your portal to grab your referral URL, and update any promotional sites you may have. And, if you’re not a member, now would be a good time to check out this up and coming site.

Visit MySoapBox.com



MySoapBox.com – Initial review

Name: MySoapBox Panel

 Type of program: Surveys, Contests, Paid Referrals

 Date joined: 11/10/12

 Referral program? Yes, rewards 250 points per valid referral.

URL: https://www.mysoapbox.com/survey/html.pro?ID=4&ks_cid=1&ks_src=10&refer=K_5333a5cd55

 Amount earned: 9250 points ($9.25 in Gift Card currency)

Paid? Not yet. Minimum redemption is 5000 points for a variety of $5.00 gift cards… however you must earn a minimum of 25,000 points before you can start redeeming.

Initial Review and Impression:  I found MySoapBox via an offer at FusionCash. The sign up was pretty easy and straight forward, and they start you off right away with a 2,000 balance once you sign up and fill in your profile. So, that’s a good thing.

Another very good thing is the surveys I’ve been receiving are all very short, and they credit immediately. It took me just a little under a month to get 4,500 points. Actually it would have been more points than that, but there were a few surveys I missed due to being offline. The surveys have been between 250 to 1,000 points each. So, that’s good too.

Here’s a third good thing they offer that not many other sites do — multiple members in the same household are allowed to join. Wow! Most sites have a maximum of one account per IP address, much to the chagrin of some of my family members.  This is an added bonus for college students, who are often very limited in the number of programs they can join because they’re on a shared college network.

Fourth positive, they do have a Twitter account and a Facebook profile if you want to interact with them via social media.

A nice new addition I noticed in February 2013, the addition of a dynamic referral link! Sites that only offer an internal email way of getting referrals really make their members miss out on additional earning opportunities. I was very happy to see this added.

International members? The redemption program is set up for US members only at this point. If this changes, I’ll update.

Recommended? Hard to say for now. If you’re a FusionCash member, definitely sign up there to get an FC reward. The very rare opportunity to have multiple members in a household isn’t something to look down your nose at.

Last update: 9-5-13