Movie Monday – 2011 Oscars

As you can see from my last post, I gave a test on embedding a poll from Toluna into this blog to see how it turned out. I was pretty happy with the results, so here’s why I did it.

First off, obviously, money! That’s what this site is about. I’m trying a test to increase traffic to my Bubblews posts, and I’m all about disclosure here. While I don’t get any money for people voting on my Toluna polls, I’m hoping that the link from here to a related Bubblews post will increase my page views.

Will it work? Time will tell!

In any event, here’s what this is all about. My husband and I have a hobby where we use a random number generator to select a year at random, and watch all of the Academy Award nominees for best film from that year. Then we vote on our favorites. We’ve watched hundreds of movies since we started this! I’d really love to get the opinions of more people, hence the polls.

I had a choice between using Toluna or TellWut for the poll, and in the end, went with Toluna. While personally I’m a bigger TellWut fan, I really liked the interface of the Toluna polls, plus the fact that because they’re not monetized, I don’t have to wait for approval.

I’m going to post a poll once a week, and add a #MovieMonday Twitter tag to them. If you’re a movie fan, I hope you’ll play along!

So without further adieu, here was the year that we started this hobby, along with the poll.

Answer this:

Who did I choose? My choice for the 83rd Academy Awards is over at Personapaper!

Thanks so much for voting! See you next week.