Glitter Network – Paid Twice

Name: Glitter Network

Date joined: 03/23/2013

Type: Affiliate Program


Review and Impressions:

I discovered Glitter Network via them following me on Twitter, which I always appreciate. I took one look around their website, and decided to jump right in. I had wanted for a time to give Affiliate Programs a try, and this site looked right up my alley.

I fell in love with them right off the bat. While I’m a brand spanking newbie to affiliate programs, the number of offers they have made it very easy for this to be a no-brainer to me.

Their tracking is immediate and accurate, the dashboard is clean, neat and organized, and there was no problem getting paid. They pay on a Net-30 basis for small sites, and I hear a Net-15 basis for larger affiliates. There was no requesting of money needed. Once I reached the $25.00 minimum payment threshold, an invoice was generated in my account, and I received my payment the next month.

I almost don’t even want to share this one, I want to keep it all for myself! But I know that a lot of people are wanting to get into affiliate programs but unsure where to start. This one is a great site! I’m very happy with them, thrilled to add them to the Recommended list, and looking forward to growing and learning with them!

Paid: $50.88 Paid

Glitter Network Payment Proof:


PayPal payments from Glitter Network

PayPal payments from Glitter Network

Last update: 5-19-14