ClixSense – Paid countless times!

Originally posted: January 15, 2011

Name: ClixSense

Program type: Paid clicks, Surveys, Crowdsourcing, Paid Registrations, Paid Video

Date joined: 12/11/10

Referral program? Yes


Amount paid:

Cash Paid: $696.61 Paid

Advertising and update dollars redeemed: $45.18

ClixSense Payment Proof:

I get paid by ClixSense so often now, I’m not updating this image any longer. Pretty much it pays every week!

Recommended? Yes! This is a great site! This one pays very little, but you can use your earnings to purchase ads on the site. I’ve used this for both traffic and for PayPal payments, as well as transferring my balance over to a premium membership

International Members? Allows registrations from all countries except China, Vietnam and Bangladesh

Originally posted: January, 2011
Last updated:

ClixSense announces commissions on downline tasks



ClixSense made a huge announcement today on the forum:




“Now you will earn commissions from the tasks that your direct referrals complete, based on your membership type.

Standard members will earn 5% and Premium members will earn 10% commissions from their direct referrals completed tasks.”



This is a huge plus for anyone with the ability to refer. People often ask if there is a referral link for MTurk (there isn’t). Adding this is another reason ClixSense is a good alternative to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for those searching for a similar site.


For more information you can view your affiliate stats page, or visit ClixSense below

Visit ClixSense

ClixSense adds referral link tracking

Received an email today from ClixSense stating you can track your referral leads with just a short addition to your referral link:

“We’ve noticed a lot more members are using campaigns to track where their affiliates are coming from. A campaign is just a simple way for you to get stats on where ever you are promoting your affiliate link. If you wanted to create a campaign for an email that you want to send to your friends then you would do this:

This will show up in your affiliate stats as friends and show total hits and sign ups from it. The word after the & can be any word you want and you can setup as many campaigns as you wish. Setting up a campaign is as easy as creating the link then promoting it. “

Very nice!