iPoll, formerly SurveyHead – Paid 3 Times

Name: Survey Head / iPoll

Program type:  Surveys

Date joined: 12/18/2010

Referral program? Offers affiliate referral through Glitter Network.

Incentive to join: $5.00 deposited into your account at sign up, plus they pay you for your marketing profiles.



Amount earned: $75.00 Paid

Paid? Yes!
  1. Requested my first PayPal payout on 1/20, arrived 2/25.
  2. Second PayPal payout requested 6/20/2011, arrived 7/15/2011.
  3. Third WalMart payout requested 04/28/13, arrived 6/4/13

They offer a wide variety of gift card and electronic payment options. Minimum payment ranges from $10.00 for retailer gift card options, or $25.00 for Walmart and Amazon gift cards, and $35.00 for PayPal


SurveyHead / iPoll Payment Proof:

shjuly11 sh226


Survey Invitations Received and Result: The dashboard shows the history of profiles that you’ve answered. They pay $0.10 or $0.25 per profile, depending on how long it is, which gets you off to a good start when combined with the $5.00 registration bonus.  It will show the history of surveys you’ve completed, but not surveys you’ve screened out of.

Last update: 06-4-13