SideTick – 5th Payment Received

Name: SideTick

Type of program: Revenue Sharing, Paid Videos, Paid Registrations

Date joined: 01/15/2011

Referral program? Yes, pays $1.00 for each direct referral; $0.50 for each referral your direct downline brings in


Amount earned: $125.00 Paid

Paid? Yes! Paid 5 times so far. SideTick payments state to allow 15 business days. My experience with wait times are below:

  1. $25 payout request on 02/09/12, arrived 02/28/12.
  2. $25 payout request made 04/17/12, arrived 05/16/12
  3. $25 payout request made 8/2/12, arrived 8/07/12
  4. $25 payout request made 09/25/12, arrived 10/24/12
  5. $25 payout request made 01/09/13, arrived 01/29/13

SideTick Payment Proof:

PayPal payments from

PayPal payments from

International members welcome? Limited. The site has had the following text up for the past year:


As of February. 24, 2010, we will not be able to redeem Tickbucks for cash after today from countries other than the following: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel.


Sidetick members from countries other than those listed above, however, can earn points redeemable for a prize for obtaining U.S. friends.


We will setup a group called Foreigners Making Money on Sidetick where we can have an open discussion on how people from all countries can make money on Sidetick.

Recommended? As of November, 2013 I have to take this one off the Recommended list. They are no longer awarding points for the Daily Blog, and earning opportunities are very limited there. It was a lot of fun while it lasted! If anything changes at SideTick, I’ll update this page. My prior review is below.

SideTick is one of many social networking sites out there that participates in a revenue share model with their member base. These programs have had varying levels of success in the past. This is a hard model to remain sustainable with. Many programs start out with very high rewards for their members, but often need to cut back on the amount they can pay their users and still stay in business.

SideTick ran into issues with this early on. When they first started, there were numerous ways members could earn money on the site. As the site grew in popularity however, the administrators needed to reorganize their business model so they could stay afloat. For a while the site drifted heavily into only affiliate sales, which caused no small amount of grumbling among the members.

They have the familiar Offer Wall through which provides additional ways to earn.

While you will come across plenty of Spammy McSpamsters who only care about pushing their latest opportunity, there are many familiar faces in GPT and permission marketing there, and it’s a site to discuss what programs and paying and which ones aren’t with a crowd open to these discussions.

SideTick is definitely not a scam, and one you should join if you are not already a member.

Last update: 11-13-13