September 2012 Referral Program Ranking Results

Just like in August, a lot of my time was devoted to festivals. I think it’s really important to get outside and see the different areas while the weather is still nice. Soon enough we’ll be trapped indoors by ice and snow, so I’m enjoying the beautiful scenery while I can.

The hands-down best festival we went to last month had to be the one we went to last weekend – the Pocahontas County Roadkill Cook-off. After seeing it on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, we knew we had to see this for ourselves. It was a long drive but well worth the trip, and we’re already making plans to go back next year for a longer visit.

In spite of all the traveling, it was a good month. I ended the month at $282.90, just a little under $20 short of my $10 per day goal. Considering all the days I didn’t work though, it’s still something I’m happy about. I had a few programs move up in rank, although nothing seems to be coming close to knocking the grand daddy FusionCash off their consistent #1 ranked slot.

As always, the standard disclaimers. Total Received means the total amount since first joining the program. Your results will vary.

September 2012 Ranking Results
Name Total
Avg Mins
Per Day
Fusion Cash 317.68 10
Unique Rewards 123.05 10
Swagbucks 75.00 10
ClixSense 64.11 5
SurveySavvy 60.00 5
PandaResearch 50.00 2
SideTick 75.00 2
Gomez Peer Zone 49.71 0
TellWut 40.00 5
DonkeyMails 36.00 10
SuperPoints 35.00 10
Neobux 32.37 5
Instant Cash Sweepstakes 30.05 5
InboxDollars 27.03 5
ZoomPanel 25.00 10
Scribie 24.50 15
Microworkers 18.98 5
PaidViewpoint 15.05 2
Mindfield Online 12.00 5
PollBuzzer 8.00 0
GiftHulk 5.00 5
CashnHits 4.50 10

Have a great October, everyone! Aren’t the leaves beautiful this time of year?