Pinecone Research – Legit, Paid Multiple Times

Originally posted: September, 2012

Name: Pinecone Research

Type of program: Surveys

Date joined: 08/01/12

Referral program? No


Amount earned: $252.00

Paid? Yes! Multiple times. Because they tend to pay so often, I’m I won’t be updating the screenshots here any longer. Pinecone is a legit and trusted site.


Pinecone Research Payment Proof:


Recommended? Yes, definitely! I love this site a lot. The length of the surveys is very reasonable. They’ve recently changed the redemption process, so now you have to actually request payment as opposed to it coming automatically. With the new payment system, I’ve been credited for surveys about 2 business days after I take them, and I received my Paypal payments another 2 days after that.

How to Join: Pinecone only accepts new applicants at certain times through elite referrals. One place that I do know right now is offering Pinecone registrations is through FusionCash, so you can join there if you’re not already a member, and try to quickly jump on the registration. Hurry though! This will go fast!


Originally posted: September, 2011
Last update: 04-01-15