– 6th Payment Received!

Originally posted 09/01/11


Type of program: Survey site

Date joined: 8-20-2011

Referral program? Yes. They will pay $1.00 for every referral who completes six “biz surveys”.


Amount earned: $112.03

Paid? Yes!  Minimum payment is $15.00. Payment is made via PayPal. Payments come hours after being requested!

Paid Viewpoint Payment Proof:


Signup bonus incentives? Yes, they offer $1.10 bonus at registration when you complete and validate your signup.

Recommended? Definitely! This site is brought to us by the same people who do InstantCashSweepstakes. The founders have a history of valid and legitimate business practices and have a long term history of paying on time.

One important thing to note is the referral requirement. It states on the page that you will earn $1.00 when your referral completes six “biz surveys’. There is a difference between a biz survey and a “traits survey”, which is what I receive the most. The traits surveys seem to be general consumer profiles, which are paying $0.10 each so far. If you get a referral but don’t get paid your $1.00 right away, I wouldn’t be upset. It probably means they are still building their demographic profile at the site and haven’t been presented with a business survey yet.

Originally posted 09/01/11
Last update; 01-24-16