No More Rack – Review

Name: No More Rack

Type of program: Referral site / Free Gift Certificate. Here’s how it works. Someone refers you to the site, and you get a $10.00 gift certificate code applied to your account. Then, you refer others to the site by promoting your code for a $10.00 certificate. For everyone who signs up, you get another $5.00 credited to your account after they make a purchase. This part is important.
Each day they post 8 “deals”, which are items at substantial discounts. For example, today’s deal includes a Biatta Cami and Boyshort Set for $8.00 and Novela Montana boots for $20.00. You use your gift certificate codes to pay for these, and then pay $2.00 per item shipping and handling.
The site states they were seen on “The Talk” and CBS, but they don’t have a link to where they were reviewed.Here’s one catch – you must have at least $20.00 of merchandise in your cart to place an order. That means you need to get at least two people to sign up, and place an order, before you can get anything for free. Also, your gift card codes expire after 60 days, so you need to get those referrals and place your order before then.

Date joined: 01/14/2011

Referral program? Yes, as stated above.


Recommended? Why not? The sign up is fast, and the opportunity to get some cool items for only $2.00 shipping and handling is worth it. While not exactly a “freebie”, because you do need to pay S&H, this could be worthwhile if there was something you really wanted. The worst thing that can happen is that none of your friends make a purchase, and your code expires. But then again, the only thing you’ve lost is the two minutes it took to sign up, and the amount of time you spent sending out your code.