Neobux – Review and Impressions

Name: Neobux

Type of program:  Paid clicks, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos, Surveys, Crowdsourcing

Date joined: 5/29/11

Referral program? Yes

International? Yes, all countries accepted.


Amount earned: Much like FusionCash, this site’s referral banner tracks your earnings for you automatically:

Paid? Yes! Paid right away via PayPal and Payaza. Neobux is definitely not a scam site.

Total cash actually received: $16.15

Neobux Payment Proof: 

Payza payment from Neobux

Payza payment from Neobux


Recommended? Yes, but with a  disclaimer. While my banner shows a great deal of money made, I’ve mostly used this money to roll over into advertising. I think this is good for advertising, but it’s not a big money maker itself.

If you have the ability to generate a fair number of direct referrals, or if you’re looking for a good place to promote your referral links for other sites, then this one is recommended. Otherwise, the amount received versus time spent is just too low.

Last update: 10/05/13