Updated – MySoapBox.com has two contests with good odds

Newer survey site MySoapBox is still an excellent contest bet for entries with  pretty good odds to win.

The first is just email them a  quick answer for an entry in their “Spring Cleaning” contest. From the newsletter:

We want to hear your best clean up stories and tips! Have you ever participated in a charity clean-up? What about clean up around your home?

From small productivity tips all the way to renovations you’ve done, speak out and let us know!”

The second is a referral contest. Again, from the newsletter:

“Want another opportunity to earn 25,000 points and the opportunity to redeem your points for a prize? We’ve added a special public referral link to the Refer a Friend page on the MySoapBox website, making it easier to refer friends and family and earn points. For the month of March, we’re running a contest in which the MySoapBox member who gets the most new members to join will win an additional 25,000 points along with the 250 points for each referral!

Sweepstakes rules can be found at MySoapBox Sweepstakes Rules

25,000 points translates into a $25.00 gift card in their redemption catalog. They offer a variety of merchandisers, retailers and restaurants.

Because this is a new-er survey site, odds are pretty good for winning these. If you’re not already a member, now would be a good time to take a look at this promising new rewards program.

Visit MySoapBox.com