MintVine – Paid Twice!

Name: MintVine

Date joined: 12/09/2013

Program type: Surveys, Paid Referrals, Paid Registrations

Referral Program? Yes. Pays 50 points per valid referral, and 15% of referral’s earnings.

International? It appears so… there is nothing on the website that I can find about any countries that are restricted, and I do see people from outside the US posting questions on their Facebook page. I’m adding this to the International list, but will update if I find out otherwise.


Initial Review and Impressions:

I discovered MintVine via a sign up offer at FusionCash, and registered from there. It was a fast signup, and after confirming my email address there were a series of profile surveys and quick polls to complete, which brought me just a little over halfway to redemption.

If you screen out of a survey here, you receive a 5 point bonus. It took me just under two months to reach the $10.00 (1,000 points) minimum needed for redemption, but I think the second redemption will take much longer, without those initial profile surveys to give me a boost.

Paid? Yes!

  1. Redemption request submitted 01/27/14; received 01/30/14.
  2. Request submitted 05/19/14; received 05/23/14

MintVine Payment Proof:

PayPal payments via MintVine

PayPal payments via MintVine

Originally posted: 01/27/14
Last updated: 05/23/14