Name: MemoLink

Type of program: Surveys, Paid Emails, Crowdsourcing, Paid Registrations, Paid Referrals

Date joined: 12/24/2010

Referral program? Yes, 50 points per referral plus shopping percentage (10% of points)
Amount earned: 6915  points
Paid? Not yet. Minimum redemption is 19,200 points ($10.00). You can get a check made payable to CASH. You can also get gift cards or gas cards starting at 19,200 points as well. You need to be an upgraded Memogold member to get payment via PayPal
Recommended? Time will tell. Back in the good old days, this was high on my recommended list. I don’t like that there isn’t a referral URL any longer, and that you need to send referrals through internal email only. Right now it seems like the majority of the points can only be earned through shopping, although they have a few paid videos and registrations.  I’ll give this a month to see how the new Memolink pays as opposed to the old one back in 2000.

Last update: 11/24/2011