March 2013 Referral Program Ranking Results

Do you still have snow where you are??

Our last snow storm was four days ago here. Really, I’m done. Totally done. I just looked at the 10 day forecast, and there appears to be no snow on the horizon, but I’m not convinced. As long as there’s still snow on the ground, I can’t believe it’s actually spring.

In spite of all my complaining, we did have a few, very few, nice days during the month. We had company and did some traveling, so I had fewer days online. In spite of the time away, I still managed to come in just under my $310 goal for this month, ending at $308 in PayPal, Payza and gift certificates received.


As I expected, TellWut rose to position #3 this month. The earnings from this site have slowed down a little bit from when they first launched, so I don’t expect they’ll be able to bump UniqueRewards from their #2 position any time soon. However it’s still a fun program to have, and one that’s pretty easy to cash out at every month.

I added NeoBux back in, because I did request a payment from them. I went through a lot of internal debate over this program. When I first started tracking my results I had them listed, but all of my earnings from that site I was rolling over into advertising and rented referrals. I decided to drop them as it wasn’t really money received, and then grew disillusioned with the program all together. I let the bulk of my rented referrals expire, and am now just managing a very small core group of active referrals. I’m still using the site for advertising, but will cash out every now and then.

Usual disclaimer applies for the full list of programs that follow. Amount earned is total amount received since first joining the program. Your results will vary.

Name Received Avg Minutes/ Day
Fusion Cash 455.25 10
Unique Rewards 163.14 10
TellWut 130.00 5
SideTick 125.00 2
Swagbucks 100.00 10
ClixSense 93.92 5
Gomez Peer Zone 71.32 0
SurveySavvy 60.00 5
InboxDollars 54.09 5
PandaResearch 50.00 2
DonkeyMails 44.06 10
Instant Cash Sweepstakes 38.35 5
PaidViewpoint 32.17 2
SendEarnings 27.02 2
ZoomPanel 25.00 10
Scribie 24.50 15
PollBuzzer 24.00 0
CashnHits 16.56 5
GiftHulk 10.00 2
  Viggle 15.00 0
Mindfield Online 12.00 5
  NeoBux 9.12 5
Gift Hunter Club 8.00 5
Jill’s Click Corner 4.59 5
Clicks-FX 0.66 5

Happy April, everyone! Hope it is a profitable and sunny month for you!