January 2013 Referral Program Ranking Results

Welcome February! It’s a blizzard where we are right now, but just two days ago, it was 71 degrees. Go figure.

January was a very surprising month for me, in terms of total dollars earned. Last year at this time, I only made a little over $120.00. I didn’t expect at all to meet my $10/day average goal, but I was really pleased to end January at right over $315.


While as usual, the bulk of the earnings came from non-referral sites such as MTurk, I still was able to get in a few referral program payments that caused a few shifts in the chart position. PollBuzzer blasted out a series of emails towards the end of the month, and with their unheard-of $1.00 per 30-second survey, they’re moving up fast. A second payment from InboxDollars, and a third payment from GiftHulk caused them to shift position as well. Finally, the new kid on the block, GiftHunterClub, made a pretty fast first payment to get them started on my chart.

The final chart is below. As always, the standard disclaimer applies. Amounts earned are the total I’ve received in PayPal payments, Amazon Gift Codes and Walmart Gift Cards since joining. Your results will vary.

Name Received Avg Minutes
Per Day
Fusion Cash 415.83 10
Unique Rewards 143.14 10
SideTick 125.00 2
TellWut 110.00 5
ClixSense 81.87 5
Swagbucks 75.00 10
Gomez Peer Zone 64.92 0
SurveySavvy 60.00 5
InboxDollars 54.09 5
PandaResearch 50.00 2
DonkeyMails 41.83 10
Instant Cash Sweepstakes 36.33 5
PaidViewpoint 32.17 2
ZoomPanel 25.00 10
Scribie 24.50 15
PollBuzzer 24.00 0
GiftHulk 10.00 2
CashnHits 13.86 5
Mindfield Online 12.00 5
Viggle 10.00 0
Jill’s Click Corner 2.09 5
  Gift Hunter Club 2.00 5

It will be interesting to see where February winds up. I was pretty busy working on moving the blog from the old site over here, so my online time was spent with more administrative work than actual earning. I’ve still got some last posts to move over, so the site may still be a little wonky until all my links are updated.

Best of luck for February, everyone!