Gomez Peer Zone – Paid 19 Times

Originally posted: April, 2011

Name: Gomez Peer Zone

Type of program: Distributed Computing

Date joined: 01/27/11

Referral program? Yes, pays $1.00 per referral once your referral becomes active


Amount earned: $128.68

Paid? Yes! It took me about a month of running the program to be selected as active. Payments are made automatically to PayPal once your account balance reaches $5.00.

Gomez Peer Zone Payment Proof: 

Recommended: Yes! I tried installing this on both my desktop and my laptop. While at first it gave me no problems on my laptop, after a while it started to get a bit sluggish. Running on my desktop though had no problems at all.

Note that at first it will trigger an alert from whatever firewall, anti-virus or anti-malware program you have running, as it wants to accept connections. By looking at the logs of where they were coming from, it seems the largest number of tests the program is running from my computer seem to be load tests for corporate email servers. This is a safe and tested program.

Originally posted: 04/2011
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