Global Test Market

Name: Global Test Market

Type of program: Surveys

Date joined: 12/15/2010

Referral program? Received an email on 5/17 stating they’ve launched a referral program. The details are:

The process is simple
1. Refer a friend to join and complete a GlobalTestMarket survey
2. Earn 20 bonus MarketPoints
3. Continue earning 20 MarketPoints for each additional referral!

And in the small print:

Promotion Policies: To receive the 20 MarketPoints your referral must complete a GlobalTestMarket survey; profile surveys are excluded from the promotion. MarketPoints will be credited to your account when the promotion ends in approximately 30 days. Bonus MarketPoints for referrals who complete the first survey after our promotion ends will not be awarded.

The only drawback is that the referral emails must be sent from inside the site; there is no universal referral URL.


Amount earned: $50.00 Paid, $1.15 Pending

Paid? Yes! First payout request submitted 10/31/2011, received 12/07/2011

Global Test Market Payment Proof:


Recommended? I would say yes. The lack of a dynamic referral URL is a drawback, as is the high minimum payment. However, others have earned more from this program. It is definitely not a scam site; they do pay.

Last updated: 12-07-2011