February 2013 Referral Program Ranking Results

Welcome March!

March definitely has come in like a lion here in West Virginia. The furnace just can’t keep up with this cold weather, but I know it’s got to end soon. Around the end of the month starts ramp season, and I’m already planning my end of the month meals with ramps in mind.

For those of you outside this area, ramps are wild leeks that start to peek out around the third week in March, and grow through May. I first learned about them as a teenager when I was living out west of Lancaster, PA.

The idea is to cook everything, and I do mean everything, with ramps as soon as they appear. Folklore says for best health benefits, you’re supposed to keep eating them until you literally smell of garlic, also known as “ramp reek.” Now we’ve never noticed a smell in this house, but maybe our neighbors are just too polite to tell us we stink! We do enjoy getting a huge bag of them from someone selling them by the side of the road, and cooking them all up until they’re gone.

Because of the shorter month, my goal for February was cut back to $280, and I came in just over that at $287 by the 26th of the month. The last two days of the month I was offline due to traveling out of state to attend a family funeral. I still have more than a few emails to get caught up on from being away.


No big shockers or bumps in the list order for last month. SwagBucks moved up a notch and I’m about halfway there to another payment as well. I’m keeping my eye on SideTick and may be dropping it from the list in the months to come. They’ve been a little bit wonky about crediting lately, and I’m not entirely sure I’m getting the points that are due me from referring people.

As always, standard disclaimer applies. Total amount redeemed is the total received since I first joined the program. Your results will vary.

Name Received Avg Minutes
Per Day
Fusion Cash 415.83 10
Unique Rewards 143.14 10
SideTick 125.00 2
TellWut 120.00 5
Swagbucks 100.00 10
ClixSense 88.02 5
Gomez Peer Zone 64.92 0
SurveySavvy 60.00 5
InboxDollars 54.09 5
PandaResearch 50.00 2
DonkeyMails 41.83 10
Instant Cash Sweepstakes 38.35 5
PaidViewpoint 32.17 2
SendEarnings 27.02 2
ZoomPanel 25.00 10
Scribie 24.50 15
PollBuzzer 24.00 0
GiftHulk 10.00 2
CashnHits 13.86 5
Mindfield Online 12.00 5
Viggle 10.00 0
Jill’s Click Corner 4.59 5
Gift Hunter Club 2.00 5

Have a good March, everyone. And if someone near you is reeking of garlic and onions, be nice like my neighbors and don’t tell them!