Originally posted: January, 2010

Name: eBates

Type of program: Cash Back Shopping, Paid Referrals

Date joined: 11/2003

Referral program? Yes, they pay $5.00 per referral when a member you refer places their first order. They also offer affiliate referral via GlitterNetwork.

URL: http://www.ebates.com/

Amount earned: $407.35 Paid

Paid? You bet! Always right on time. Once your balance reaches $5.01, they make payments quarterly. If your balance is below that, it’s carried over to the next quarter. They pay via check, PayPal and Amazon Gift Card.

If you choose the Amazon Gift Card option, they pay you a week sooner than scheduled, plus add an extra dollar to your payment! Cool!

eBates Payment Proof:

PayPal, Amazon and check payments from eBates.com

PayPal, Amazon and check payments from eBates.com


Recommended? Definitely. On a lot of the sites I belong to, I see many offer cash back shopping, but I think none of them are as generous as eBates. While it’s not strictly a freebie site, as you do need to make a purchase to get paid, I think it’s a good one to keep a membership at. When I’m going to a website that I know I am going to make a purchase from, such as WalMart.com or Drugstore.com, I’ll log into eBates first just so I can get my cash back. I also make sure to always do my Christmas shopping through eBates to earn money back and larger discounts.

I’m not going to track my amount received prior to 12/01/2010 in my sidebar because  I’m only tracking money received after that, but I am adding this to the $$ Received label.

This site is honest, trustworthy, and has stood the test of internet time. I definitely recommend it.

Originally posted: January 2010
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