December 2012 Referral Program Ranking Results

Super late in getting this posted this month. I was on vacation through the first week of January, and I’ve been trying to play catch-up with laundry, emails, and getting my routine re-established. It was a wonderful trip, but I’m glad to be back home.

As usual, December was a low month for me, ending the month at $242 across all the GPT sites. December and January are traditionally my lowest earning months.  Not only are there less academic surveys posted on MTurk, but the large number of college kids off from school and working on HITs means there are less to go around. January is always a bit of a catch up month for me, so I’m online a lot less too. However, all things considered, as I was really only actually “working” 22 days of the month, I still met my $10/day goal, for actual time spent online.


I ended 2012 at just over $3,276, which across the entire year worked out to $8.98 per day on average. My lowest month was January, where I made only $121, and the highest month was May where I came in at $380. All in all I’m really happy with how the year went. It does stand to prove that there is money available to be made online for anyone willing to put in a couple of hours per day. Obviously, if I was online more I’d make more, but life is just really busy.

In the ranking results, there have been a few position changes, three of which require absolutely no time whatsoever. I’ve got my iPad with me when I watch TV, so it doesn’t really take any time to check into a show on Viggle. Gomez is running all the time, so I don’t pay any attention to that. And PollBuzzer is still the most generous, paying out $1.00 per “survey”…. which really just entails clicking on a link in an email. As always, the standard disclaimer applies: amount earned is total since joining the program; your results will vary.

Name Paid! Avg Minutes/ Day
Fusion Cash 386.40 10
Unique Rewards 143.14 10
SideTick 100.00 2
TellWut 100.00 5
ClixSense 81.87 5
Swagbucks 75.00 10
Gomez Peer Zone 64.92 0
SurveySavvy 60.00 5
PandaResearch 50.00 2
DonkeyMails 39.00 10
Instant Cash Sweepstakes 36.33 5
PaidViewpoint 32.17 2
InboxDollars 27.03 5
ZoomPanel 25.00 10
Scribie 24.50 15
Microworkers 18.98 5
PollBuzzer 15.00 0
CashnHits 12.36 5
Mindfield Online 12.00 5
GiftHulk 10.00 2
  Viggle 10.00 0
Jill’s Click Corner 2.09 5