Consumer Village

Name: Consumer Village

Program type: Surveys

Date joined: 12/18/2010

Referral program? No


Amount earned: $60 in Amazon Gift Certificates

Paid? Yes!  Paid five times so far in Amazon Gift Codes. The site has recently had an update, and the redemption process has changed. They used to send you your codes automatically, now you need to request them from your Dashboard.

The Amazon Gift Codes for Consumer Village can be tricky to find too, once you’ve redeemed. What you need to do is go back into your Dashboard, and then go back to Points and Progress. You’ll see your cashout request listed there, along with the other surveys you have taken. If you click directly on the words “Cash Out”, that section will open up, and you’ll see your Amazon Gift Code listed in there. You’ll just need to copy and paste it into your Amazon account.

Click the image below to get a larger sized screen shot, so you can see how to get your Amazon Gift Code from Gognos after you’ve redeemed.

Previous Consumer Village Payment Proof:


Recommended? Yes.  Consumer Village or is not a scam.  It’s definitely a legit site. It doesn’t really take any time, and it’s always a nice little bump to get these  gift card codes. Go ahead and join.

Last update: 02-22-15