Swagbucks – Paid many, many times!

Name: Swagbucks

Program type: Paid Search, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos, Paid Emails, Crowdsourcing, Paid Clicks, Paid Referrals, Cash Back Shopping, Contests, Paid Apps, MTurk Alternative

Date joined: 12/13/2010

Referral program? Yes

URL: http://www.swagbucks.com/

Amount made: $475.00 Paid

Paid? Yes! Multiple times.  Payment takes about a week to arrive via PayPal. You can redeem for merchandise, gift cards or PayPal in their Swag Store. Minimum redemption for a $5.00 Amazon.com card is 450 SB, 2500 SB for a $25.00 PayPal payment. There are many other redemption offers in the Swag Store as well, but these are the two most popular.

International: Swagbucks is open in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and India.

Swagbucks Payment Proof:

This page was getting a little long with all of my prior payment screenshots. Below are  payments from 2013, but I’m not updating these screen shots any longer. This is a trusted, elite site. Older payment screenshots are here and here, for anyone who wants more proof.


Originally posted: 01/2011
Last updated: 03-28-16


GiftHulk – 21st Payment Received

Name: Gift Hulk

Type of program: Contests, Sweepstakes, Paid Clicks, Surveys, Paid Search, Paid Referrals, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos, Crowdsourcing

 Date joined: 05/02/12

Referral program? Yes! You earn 20% from all the Hulk Coins that your referrals earn using the Offer Walls,  EZ Coins, Tasks and Surveys. You also earn 20% from all of your referral wins at GiftHulk Search  and Treasure Box.

URL: http://www.gifthulk.com/invite/TD73940

Paid? Yes! Total redeemed to date: $110.00

Minimum redemption is 5000 coins for a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal withdrawal. They also have a wide variety of other merchandiser gift cards and offers at reasonable and reachable levels. Payments usually take one to three days to arrive.

GiftHulk Payment Proof:


International members? USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Ireland only.


Initial Impression and Review:  GiftHulk was another program I found by them following me on Twitter. This program is very similar to SwagBucks.

You earn in a number of different ways. They have the familiar Offer Walls and EZ Coins with paid videos, surveys and registrations, Daily Surveys, Crowdsourcing Tasks, “Fountain of Youth” codes, online games where the tournament leaders get points, a toolbar with additional point offers, paid searches, point sweepstakes and contests, and finally the ‘guess the card’ game, which awards various points.

Recommended? Yes – GiftHulk is definitely legit and not a scam site.

Originally posted: 06-01-12
Last update:

BuxP – Paid Twice

Name: BuxP

Type of program: Paid Clicks, Paid Videos, Surveys

 Date joined: 01/14/12

Referral program? Yes

International: All countries except China

URL: http://buxp.org/?r=freebiejunkie

Amount earned: $14.20

Paid? Yes. Minimum payment is $6.99. Site pays out on a NET 30 DAYS basis.

First payout request made 09/24/12, arrived 10/24/12. I hadn’t used the site a great deal over the past few years, but decided to start using it again. My second payment request was made on 12/26/15, but the second payment had the status

Request Denied. Reason: Paypal / Proof required – open support ticket”

I’ve opened a ticket and received a response back with the information they requested the same day. They are very fast and professional in responding to support requests.

BuxP Payment Proof:


BuxP Review: I had originally joined BuxP as a way to generate referrals by exchanging earnings for advertising, but in September 2014 decided to try a cash out. This is an honest and legit site, and there are many payment proofs posted on the internet to prove it. There are always lots of ads to click each day, and many days I can’t finish them all.

 Originally posted: 02/2012
 Last update: 02-16-16


Name: YouGov

Program type: Surveys

Date joined: March, 2015

Referral Program? Yes. Pays 2,000 points when referral connects via Facebook and completes three surveys

International? US / Canada Only

URL: https://today.yougov.com/refer/O-MRzovwV27NM1UhExDJFQ/

Amount made: $15.00

Paid? Yes!. First payment for $15.00 Amazon Gift Card redeemed 1-20-16, physical gift card arrived 02-03-16

Originally posted: 01-20-16
Last update:

PaidViewpoint.com – 6th Payment Received!

Originally posted 09/01/11

Name: PaidViewpoint.com

Type of program: Survey site

Date joined: 8-20-2011

Referral program? Yes. They will pay $1.00 for every referral who completes six “biz surveys”.

URL: http://paidviewpoint.com/?r=qcdsrd

Amount earned: $112.03

Paid? Yes!  Minimum payment is $15.00. Payment is made via PayPal. Payments come hours after being requested!

Paid Viewpoint Payment Proof:


Signup bonus incentives? Yes, they offer $1.10 bonus at registration when you complete and validate your signup.

Recommended? Definitely! This site is brought to us by the same people who do InstantCashSweepstakes. The founders have a history of valid and legitimate business practices and have a long term history of paying on time.

One important thing to note is the referral requirement. It states on the page that you will earn $1.00 when your referral completes six “biz surveys’. There is a difference between a biz survey and a “traits survey”, which is what I receive the most. The traits surveys seem to be general consumer profiles, which are paying $0.10 each so far. If you get a referral but don’t get paid your $1.00 right away, I wouldn’t be upset. It probably means they are still building their demographic profile at the site and haven’t been presented with a business survey yet.

Originally posted 09/01/11
Last update; 01-24-16

Valued Opinions


Name: Valued Opinions

Program type: Surveys

Date joined: 12/18/2010

Referral program? Yes, but you need to refer through an internal email sent from the site. If you own a top level domain, they have an affiliate program through Linkshare.

URL: http://www.valuedopinions.com

Amount earned: $80.00 paid in Amazon gift certificate codes so far. They pay in online gift card codes, including Amazon and Visa.

Paid? Yes! Redemptions arrive immediately in inbox after requesting.

Valued Opinions Payment Proof:

vr092512 vo212 vo122212


Recommended? Yes! It’s another program that is a slow but steady earner. The lack of a referral link is a drawback, but their surveys are usually very fast, high paying, and they credit quickly.

Originally posted: 01-10-10
Last updated:

GrabPoints (Formerly ZoomBucks) – Third Redemption Received

Name: GrabPoints (Formerly Zoombucks)

Program Type: Paid Search, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos,  Crowdsourcing, Paid Referrals, Cash Back Shopping, Contests, Paid Apps, MTurk Alternative

Referral Program? Yes, pays 10% of referral’s qualified earnings.

URL: http://www.zoombucks.com/index.php?ref=freebiejunkie

International? Yes, accepts all countries.

Amount earned: $15.00 Payments arrive in under one week.

Zoombucks Payment Proof:


Initial impression and review:

ZoomBucks is a multi-portal GPT site very similar to Swagbucks, but with a few cool extra incentives. You earn in much the same way, but they also have a paid to promote program you can apply for. In all honesty I didn’t spend a whole lot of time there, and think I should give them a second look, as this seems to be a good extra earning alternative.

Recommended? Yes, definitely!

Originally posted: 12/02/14
Last update: 01-15-16