SendEarnings – Third Payment Received

Name: SendEarnings

Type of program: Paid Emails, Crowdsourcing, Paid Registrations, Surveys, Paid Search, Paid Referrals, Cashback Shopping

Referral program? Yes, pays 10% of your downline’s surveys, registrations, cashback shopping, tasks and coupon redemptions


Amount earned: $83.36

Paid? Yes! The site pays by check only

  1. First check requested 12/09/12, arrived 02/06/13.
  2. Check requested 11/03/13, arrived 11/09/13
  3. Check requested 02/21/15, arrived 03/04/15

Send Earnings Payment Proof:



International? Yes! All countries accepted.

Recommended? Yes! SendEarnings is legit and not a scam. While the amount earned is low, I also don’t spend a lot of time on this site other than just the paid emails and paid searches. I definitely could have gotten paid faster if I had been more active. The site has been around for over 10 years, so it is another one that has stood the test of time.

Originally posted: 2012
Last update: 03/15/15

Reward Shopping – Formerly SuperPoints


Name: RewardShopping (Formerly SuperPoints)

Referral Program? Yes, pays 2500 points for every valid referral.

International? At this time, allows members from US, Canada, Great Britain and Australia only


Date joined: 10/26/11

Amount earned: $43.00 Paid

SuperPoints Payment Proof:

Reopened SuperPoints redemption

Reopened SuperPoints redemption

Old SuperPoints redemptions

Old SuperPoints redemptions


Review: A few years ago, SuperPoints was everyone’s favorite program, until suddenly in late November 2012, they abruptly closed shop, leaving many members with unpaid balances. While they worked hard to process redemptions that were backlogged before closing, there were still people who never got paid.

This type of situation is why I always recommend to cash out at the minimum, no matter what. You can never expect when a company will run out of funding. I can’t ever say it’s a good idea to leave a large unpaid balance in any account.

They reopened under new management in June of 2014, but other that giving a few spins on that old familiar ‘Super Lucky Button’, I didn’t pay that much attention to it. After my move, I decided to give them a try again.

I requested and received my payout with no problem. Although the new earning structure is much lower than the old one, I also have many less referrals now than I did before. I’ll see how earnings proceed now that I’m using the site more.

I hadn’t logged in for a while, but saw that they’ve changed their name to RewardShopping. My old login worked fine, and all my points transferred over.

Last update: 12/20/15

Perk / PerkTV – First Redemption Received

Originally posted: 12/03/14

Name: Perk / Perk Search / PerkTV
Program Type: Paid Search, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos,  Paid Referrals, Cash Back Shopping, Contests, Paid Apps

Perk is another multi-portal GPT site, with the added incentive of mobile apps for videos, searching and shopping.

Referral Program? Yes, pays 500 points when your referral completes their first redemption.


International? From the Terms and Conditions page: “Perk, the Perk Rewards Platform, and Perk points are only available in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Any points earned outside of the locations listed are not eligible for redemption. Perk is working on getting Perk to your country so bear with us!”

Amount paid: $10.00 in Amazon Gift Card codes.

  1. $5.00 Amazon Gift Card request submitted 12/03/14, received 12/05/14
  2. $5.00 Amazon Gift Card request submitted 01/07/15, received 01/09/14

Perk Payment Proof:


Recommended? Yes! Great site, low redemption threshold and fast payment processing.

Originally posted: 12/03/14
Last update: 01/09/15

Inbox Dollars – 3rd Payment Received

Originally posted: December 15, 2010

Name: Inbox Dollars

Program type: Paid Emails, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Search, Crowdsourcing, Surveys, Paid Referrals

Date joined: 12/18/2010

Referral program? Yes


Amount earned: $81.12 Paid,

Paid?  Yes!

  1. Payment requested 9/19/11, received 11/8/11.
  2. Payment requested 12/28/12, received 01/07/13.
  3. Payment requested 08/03/14, received 08/09/14

Inbox Dollars Payment Proof:


id1111 id0113

Recommended? Definitely. I remember this one back in the “good old days“, and it’s still around. That says something. They even still had me on file, although all my points had been wiped out for not logging in for, oh, say 5 years. While not a big earner, it is a legit, paying site.

Originally posted: 12/15/10
Last update:

CashnHits – Paid 14 Times

Name: CashnHits

Type of program: Paid Clicks, Paid Videos, Paid Registrations

Date joined:07/24/12

Referral program?Yes


Amount earned: Total amount earned is easy to track. They have an auto-updating referral banner.


Paid? Yes, paid $24.73 so far. Payments take about one week to be processed. Payments will show in your PayPal as coming from Core Vizion. They also pay via AlertPay/Payza

CashnHits Payment Proof:


International Members Welcome? Yes, but members from China, India or Pakistan must use PayPal for payment, or be upgraded members to request payout.

Recommended? Yes! Why not? Every little bit helps! This is a fast little penny site with low minimum payments.

Last update: 9-19-13

Viggle – Redeemed 3 Times

Name: Viggle

Type of program: Pay to watch TV, occasional paid videos, surveys and offers

Referral program? Yes


Amount earned: $15.00 in CVS Gift Certificates

Paid? Yes. Redemption was immediate!

Viggle Redemption Proof:


CVS Gift Certificates from Viggle

CVS Gift Certificates from Viggle

Initial Review: Viggle is definitely legit. While I haven’t played with it a lot, I do try to keep my iPad around when I’m watching TV from time to time, and check in to the shows I’m watching. It’s pretty effortless to do, and I’m sure if I was more diligent about making sure I checked in every time I watched, I’d have more points.

My redemption requests are pretty painless. Right after I click Redeem, instructions on how to get the eGift Card are displayed. When I had a problem accessing the page to print out my first certificate, they responded in less than one hour to my email. I really appreciated how fast they replied when I had a redemption issue.

While the rewards aren’t all that spectacular, every little bit helps. They do have huge rewards like cruises, Kindles, iPods, etc. but those are in a point range that are very high. I always prefer to cash out small. I’m a regular CVS shopper, so getting the $5.00 gift certificate to print out and bring with me next time I’m shopping is handy. Especially when I combine it with coupons.

I’m definitely adding this to the recommended list. If you’ve got an Android or iOS device that is compatible with the app, why not give it a try?

Last update: 3-22-13

Beezag – Closed

Name: Beezag

Program Type: Paid Videos, occasional surveys

Date joined: 12/20/2010

Referral program? Yes

URL: (The referral link is REALLY long, I had to shorten it)

Amount earned: $45.00 Paid

Paid?  Yes, before they closed, they paid promptly.

  • Requested first payout on 1/25/11, received 1/27/11.
  • Second payment request sent 4/2/11, received 4/8/11.
  • Third payment request sent 10/25/11, received 11/02/11.
  • Fourth payment request sent 01/31/12, received 02/09/12
  • Fifth payment request sent 05/21/12, received 05/29/12
  • Sixth payment request sent 08/07/12, received 08/15/12
Recommended? Sadly, right now I need to change it to No at present time, but not because it’s a bad program. Rather, it appears that the program itself is either closing or changing. See this post for more information. If you’re looking for a site like Beezag or an alternative to take its place, try any of the other Paid Video sites I recommend.

Last update: 08/15/12