Inbox Dollars – 3rd Payment Received

Originally posted: December 15, 2010

Name: Inbox Dollars

Program type: Paid Emails, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Search, Crowdsourcing, Surveys, Paid Referrals

Date joined: 12/18/2010

Referral program? Yes


Amount earned: $81.12 Paid,

Paid?  Yes!

  1. Payment requested 9/19/11, received 11/8/11.
  2. Payment requested 12/28/12, received 01/07/13.
  3. Payment requested 08/03/14, received 08/09/14

Inbox Dollars Payment Proof:


id1111 id0113

Recommended? Definitely. I remember this one back in the “good old days“, and it’s still around. That says something. They even still had me on file, although all my points had been wiped out for not logging in for, oh, say 5 years. While not a big earner, it is a legit, paying site.

Originally posted: 12/15/10
Last update:

Swagbucks opens in India, removes $5.00 PayPal option

Good and bad news over at SwagBucks.

I recently went to cash out and was disappointed to see that the $5.00 PayPal option had been removed. The new lowest cashout threshold for PayPal is 2500 points for $25.00. As I’m always an advocate of cashing out early, I was sad to see this go. The $5.00 Amazon Gift Card option at 450 points stays the same.

On the bright side though, they announced on their blog that Swagbucks is now open for members in India. This is great news in getting new referrals, and even better news for GPT enthusiasts from India who were feeling left out.

Inbox Dollars Adds Paid Searches



In one of my paid emails from Inbox Dollars today, there was the news that they are adding a cash for search feature, similar to the rewarded searches from Swagbucks.


The link in the email leads to their help page, which summarizes the changes to this new earning opportunity, and adds the following disclaimer:


“* A “qualified search” on the InboxDollars® Toolbar is one that’s made by a real person seeking real search results.  Repeat or fraudulent search attempts, including those made by robots, hackers and computer scripts, don’t count as qualified searches. 

Furthermore, any earnings from unqualified or fraudulent searches will be deducted from your account, and any person, committing fraudulent search activity may be removed from InboxDollars®. Note:  You must be logged in to the Toolbar to earn search credits.

Rewards will not be earned when searching for:


  • Images or videos
  • “Search This Site” searches
  • URL or website domains, including terms that end in .com, .org, .net, .edu, etc.
  • Well-known websites, such as AOL, CNN, Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, MySpace, etc.
  • Stock quotes or word definitions
  • Searches that contain a phrase that yields no search results or gibberish”

This is great news from Inbox Dollars, one of the oldest legitimate and paying sites online. I gave it a test this morning and will update next week the results from searching. I’d suggest adding a valid search through Inbox Dollars to your daily routine.


If you’re not already a member, you can sign up and learn more at the link below:
Visit InboxDollars