SurveySavvy announces fun new promotion‘s parent company, Luth Research, announced a fun new freebie promotion on their website today to celebrate reaching $18 million (yes,  you read that right) in cash payouts to their members. New members will receive a free $1.00 and instructions on how to turn it into an origami ring.

SurveySavvy has been a old favorite, and there are a lot of people who appreciate that they are one of the few rewards sites around that still offer paper check payout options. While there are some grumbles from people who wish they had a PayPal option, I think the amazingly low $1.00 minimum payment threshold more than makes up for that.  The payment requests can be a little on the slow side (averaging for me about two months between payment request and actual check received), but I’m not complaining.

If you’re not a member already, now would be a good time to join. How many programs out there are actually sending you a buck via snail mail just for signing up?


MySoapBox adds dynamic referral link

Logging into MySoapBox today, I was very happy to see a flashing text update advising that they now offer a dynamic referral link to their members. Previously, you could only refer via an internal email.

If you’re a member, be sure to log into your portal to grab your referral URL, and update any promotional sites you may have. And, if you’re not a member, now would be a good time to check out this up and coming site.




Shawn A. laid off from SideTick

It came as a large shock to many SideTick members when “Shawn A.”, announced on her blog that she had been laid off from SideTick’s parent company after nine years of employment.

For anyone not a member of SideTick, Shawn was the voice of the site for members. Her position on her profile was “Compliance Manager”, but she exemplified the idea of customer support, and went above and beyond the call of duty time and time again. Whenever there was an issue with the site, a delay in payments, a change in direction, or any one of a thousand daily complaints, she was the one who handled them with courtesy, promptness, and professionalism.

Many members are wondering what this means for SideTick in general, especially those who were recently shocked by SuperPoints closing. It’s a good thing to wonder, not only for SideTick, but for any GPT program in particular.

That’s why I still believe it’s important never to depend on only one site for earnings, and to always be on the lookout for new programs. GPT sites come and go, and even ones that seem profitable are apt to fold at any moment without notice.

As of right now SideTick is still up and running, and I plan on continuing to log in daily to get my points as always. Even without the earning opportunity, SideTick to me remains the best site to connect with others interested in making money online, and to have good discussions on other GPT opportunities.

Like many members, I’m very upset to see Shawn go, especially in this economy. I’m hoping that she finds a new position quickly at a company where she’ll be appreciated.

Swagbucks opens in India, removes $5.00 PayPal option

Good and bad news over at SwagBucks.

I recently went to cash out and was disappointed to see that the $5.00 PayPal option had been removed. The new lowest cashout threshold for PayPal is 2500 points for $25.00. As I’m always an advocate of cashing out early, I was sad to see this go. The $5.00 Amazon Gift Card option at 450 points stays the same.

On the bright side though, they announced on their blog that Swagbucks is now open for members in India. This is great news in getting new referrals, and even better news for GPT enthusiasts from India who were feeling left out.

Cash out Beezag if you have a balance



Just in case any Beezag members missed this email, the program as we know it now appears to be changing. I received the following email on Thursday:

Over the past few years, we have really changed the face of video advertising. Our overwhelming success has meant that the technology behind Beezag is now being used by many large publishers and will be the reason you unlock content going forward. In order to support this major business growth, we won’t be supporting the Beezag product in its current form. We’re very excited about the new sites and we’ll let you know who they are soon! If you have used Beezag in the past 60 days and have a points balance over 2,000 then please go in and cash out. You’ll have until November 1, 2012 to do so.



If you’re promoting your referral link anyplace, it’s time to end those campaigns.


Bummer. I really liked that site. I just cashed out a small balance I had there. I’ll update this site when I hear more.

Gomez Peer Zone – New activations and loss of one payment processor

Gomez Peer Zone reported in their newsletter that they are dropping Alipay due to changes in their Terms and Conditions. If you are currently using AliPay to receive your money, you’ll need to choose another method.

Also in their newsletter is the report of countries with new activations in the next few weeks:

New Zealand
Republic of Korea
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

If you’re running the Peer in any of the above countries, be sure to check the application and see if you’ve been made Active.

If you haven’t signed up yet, now would be a good time before the next batch of activations go into effect. You can sign up and learn more at the link below:

Visit Gomez Peer Zone

ClixSense announces commissions on downline tasks



ClixSense made a huge announcement today on the forum:




“Now you will earn commissions from the tasks that your direct referrals complete, based on your membership type.

Standard members will earn 5% and Premium members will earn 10% commissions from their direct referrals completed tasks.”



This is a huge plus for anyone with the ability to refer. People often ask if there is a referral link for MTurk (there isn’t). Adding this is another reason ClixSense is a good alternative to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for those searching for a similar site.


For more information you can view your affiliate stats page, or visit ClixSense below

Visit ClixSense