DonkeyMails – Paid MANY Times!

Name: DonkeyMails

Type of program: Paid Emails, Paid Clicks, Paid Registrations, Paid Referrals, Surveys, Cashback Shopping

Date joined: 09/16/2011

Referral program? Yes, referral structure is as follows:

5 Referral levels of commission under you.
Level 1 – 10%
Level 2 – 5%
Level 3 – 3%
Level 4 – 2%
Level 5 – 1%


Amount earned: $54.17 Paid

Paid?  Yes! They paid via Paypal shortly after I place my payment requests.

International registrations? Yes, they welcome all countries

Suitable for Downline Builders? I’d have to say no. While you can see your referral’s userid, there is not detailed referral tracking. It’s too hard to verify that they are being active.

DonkeyMails Payment Proof:

Paypal payments from

Paypal payments from


Originally posted: October, 2011
Last update:

SendEarnings – Third Payment Received

Name: SendEarnings

Type of program: Paid Emails, Crowdsourcing, Paid Registrations, Surveys, Paid Search, Paid Referrals, Cashback Shopping

Referral program? Yes, pays 10% of your downline’s surveys, registrations, cashback shopping, tasks and coupon redemptions


Amount earned: $83.36

Paid? Yes! The site pays by check only

  1. First check requested 12/09/12, arrived 02/06/13.
  2. Check requested 11/03/13, arrived 11/09/13
  3. Check requested 02/21/15, arrived 03/04/15

Send Earnings Payment Proof:



International? Yes! All countries accepted.

Recommended? Yes! SendEarnings is legit and not a scam. While the amount earned is low, I also don’t spend a lot of time on this site other than just the paid emails and paid searches. I definitely could have gotten paid faster if I had been more active. The site has been around for over 10 years, so it is another one that has stood the test of time.

Originally posted: 2012
Last update: 03/15/15

Perk / PerkTV – First Redemption Received

Originally posted: 12/03/14

Name: Perk / Perk Search / PerkTV
Program Type: Paid Search, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos,  Paid Referrals, Cash Back Shopping, Contests, Paid Apps

Perk is another multi-portal GPT site, with the added incentive of mobile apps for videos, searching and shopping.

Referral Program? Yes, pays 500 points when your referral completes their first redemption.


International? From the Terms and Conditions page: “Perk, the Perk Rewards Platform, and Perk points are only available in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Any points earned outside of the locations listed are not eligible for redemption. Perk is working on getting Perk to your country so bear with us!”

Amount paid: $10.00 in Amazon Gift Card codes.

  1. $5.00 Amazon Gift Card request submitted 12/03/14, received 12/05/14
  2. $5.00 Amazon Gift Card request submitted 01/07/15, received 01/09/14

Perk Payment Proof:


Recommended? Yes! Great site, low redemption threshold and fast payment processing.

Originally posted: 12/03/14
Last update: 01/09/15

Inbox Dollars – 3rd Payment Received

Originally posted: December 15, 2010

Name: Inbox Dollars

Program type: Paid Emails, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Search, Crowdsourcing, Surveys, Paid Referrals

Date joined: 12/18/2010

Referral program? Yes


Amount earned: $81.12 Paid,

Paid?  Yes!

  1. Payment requested 9/19/11, received 11/8/11.
  2. Payment requested 12/28/12, received 01/07/13.
  3. Payment requested 08/03/14, received 08/09/14

Inbox Dollars Payment Proof:


id1111 id0113

Recommended? Definitely. I remember this one back in the “good old days“, and it’s still around. That says something. They even still had me on file, although all my points had been wiped out for not logging in for, oh, say 5 years. While not a big earner, it is a legit, paying site.

Originally posted: 12/15/10
Last update:

Get Paid to File Your Taxes

Originally posted on my old Blogspot blog
in 2012, this has been updated for 2013.

Now that the end of the year is quickly approaching, tax time won’t be far after that!

You may want to take a look at several of the GPT sites, and be sure to visit them first if you’re planning on filing your taxes online. There are a few that are offering cash back shopping and/or paid registrations for various online tax filing sites. A few I’ve found are:


FreeTaxUSA – 13.2% Cashback
OnePrice – 6.1% Cashback


eSmart – 10% Cashback
Free Tax USA – 25.0% Cashback
H&R Block – 10.0% Cashback
TurboTax – 7.5% Cashback
Turbotax Canada – 9.0% Cashback


FreeTaxUSA – 60SB per $1.00 spent

These offer values were valid as of today’s posting, but offer values change frequently. Check with each individual site for details. As I find more, I’ll update this post.

If you’re planning on doing your taxes online this year, be sure to click through the offer site first so you get credit to your account.

Tax time sucks, so you should at least get a little something back for the whole ordeal. Plus, if you’re close to reaching your minimum payment amount so you can cash out at one of your get paid to sites, this may be just the offer you need.

By the way, for those people wondering if they need to pay taxes on the money earned online – the answer is Yes! This is taxable income. I’m completely not qualified to dispense any type of tax advice, but you can get free tax help via the AARP, even if you are under 60.

Last update: 11/21/13

eBates now offers Amazon Gift Cards as a redemption option

I just got an interesting email from eBates that I wanted to share. I’ve got a little over $13.00 pending in payments right now, and the email I received stated the following:

You’ve earned $13.21 through Ebates! Redeem your Ebates Cash Back in the form of an Gift Card* right now or wait to receive your Ebates Big Fat Payment instead. Plus get Cash Back from Ebates on select departments…

You have until May 5th to respond to this offer. If you don’t want an Gift Card, you don’t need to respond. Ebates will send your normal Big Fat Payment on May 15th.

I still think I’ll go with the PayPal option, but I thought this was interesting news for Amazon Gift Card redemption fans.

For more about eBates including my review, please visit this page.