Fusion Cash – 29th Payment Received!

Name: FusionCash

Date joined: 12/02/2010

Program type: Surveys, Paid Clicks, Paid Email, Paid Videos Paid Registrations, Paid Search, Crowdsourcing, Cash Back Shopping, Mystery Shopping, Data Entry

Referral program? Yes, one of the most generous out there. Pays $1.00 for each verified referral, $2.00 when the referral completes their first offer, and $5.00 each and every time your referral cashes out! Amazing!

URL: http://fca.sh/192o9

Free Money at FusionCash!


Amount earned:  $1,545.20 Paid

 International? US/Canada only

Paid? Yes! Paid many times!. Most recent payments below…. an archive of my older payments is stored here.









FusionCash Review: Recommended? Definitely. Everyone has only good things to say about this program. This is my top earner in all the referral-type programs I belong to. I get a lot of searches to this blog by people looking for “Fusion Cash Scam” — but this is no scam at all! Fusion Cash is definitely legit. Many different ways to earn, no matter what type of work you want to do.

Originally posted: 12-03-2010
Last updated:

GiftHulk – 14th Payment Received

Name: Gift Hulk

Type of program: Contests, Sweepstakes, Paid Clicks, Surveys, Paid Search, Paid Referrals, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos, Crowdsourcing

 Date joined: 05/02/12

Referral program? Yes! You earn 20% from all the Hulk Coins that your referrals earn using the Offer Walls,  EZ Coins, Tasks and Surveys. You also earn 20% from all of your referral wins at GiftHulk Search  and Treasure Box.

URL: http://www.gifthulk.com/refer/freebiejunkie

Paid? Yes! Total redeemed to date: $75.00

Minimum redemption is 5000 coins for a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal withdrawal. They also have a wide variety of other merchandiser gift cards and offers at reasonable and reachable levels.

  1. $5.00 PayPal request sent 8/6/12, received 8/19/12.
  2. $5.00 PayPal request sent 11/05/12, received 11/11/12
  3. $5.00 PayPal request sent 01/24/13, received 01/27/13
  4. $5.00 PayPal request sent 03/16/13, received 03/24/13
  5. $5.00 PayPal request sent 05/23/13, received 05/26/13
  6. $5.00 PayPal request sent 08/08/13, received 08/11/13
  7. $5.00 PayPal request sent 10/08/13, received 10/10/13
  8. $5.00 PayPal request sent 12/16/13, received 12/19/13
  9. $5.00 PayPal request sent 02/13/14, received 02/16/14
  10. $10.00 PayPal request sent 02/13/14, received 03/06/14
  11. $5.00 PayPal request sent 04/06/14, received 04/10/14
  12. $5.00 PayPal request sent 05/26/14, received 05/29/14
  13. $5.00 PayPal request sent 06/22/14, received 06/26/14
  14. $5.00 PayPal request sent 07/14/14; received 07/17/14

GiftHulk Payment Proof:


International members? USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Ireland only.


Initial Impression and Review:  GiftHulk was another program I found by them following me on Twitter. This program is very similar to SwagBucks.

You earn in a number of different ways. They have the familiar Offer Walls and EZ Coins with paid videos, surveys and registrations, Daily Surveys, Crowdsourcing Tasks, “Fountain of Youth” codes, online games where the tournament leaders get points, a toolbar with additional point offers, paid searches, point sweepstakes and contests, and finally the ‘guess the card’ game, which awards various points.

Recommended? Yes – GiftHulk is definitely legit and not a scam site.

Originally posted: 06-01-12
Last update:

First Friday GiftHulk Fountain of Youth Codes – July 2014

I thought I’d try posting the GiftHulk Coins I get once a month, instead of spreading them out as they come. This way, the first person who is able to see this can get a nice bump, and get that much closer to cashout!

So, the codes I won during June are:

1vlz04onz   – good for one more member.

wetvrqdkj – good for three more members!

Grab them quick!

Not a member of GiftHulk yet? Check them out!

SwagBucks – 20th Payment Received!

Name: Swagbucks

Program type: Paid Search, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos, Paid Emails, Crowdsourcing, Paid Clicks, Paid Referrals, Cash Back Shopping, Contests, Paid Apps, MTurk Alternative

Date joined: 12/13/2010

Referral program? Yes

URL: http://www.swagbucks.com/

Amount made: $200.00 Paid

Paid? Yes! Multiple times.  Payment takes about a week to arrive via PayPal. You can redeem for merchandise, gift cards or PayPal in their Swag Store. Minimum redemption for a $5.00 Amazon.com card is 450 points, 2500 points for a $25.00 PayPal payment. There are many other redemption offers in the Swag Store as well, but these are the two most popular.

International: Swagbucks is open in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and India.

Swagbucks Payment Proof:

This page was getting a little long with all of my prior payment screenshots. Below are  payments from 2013 and on. Older payment screenshots are here and here, for anyone who wants more proof.

PayPal payments from SwagBucks.com


Originally posted: 01/2011
Last updated: 07/03/14


Bubblews – Review and Impressions – Paid 10 Times!

Originally posted: 04/30/13

Program Name: Bubblews

Date joined: 04/24/13

Program Type: Revenue Sharing, Freelance Writing, Paid Referrals, MTurk Alternative

Referral Program? Yes, pays per referral, once your referral writes their first post. The usual amount is $0.20 but they have promotions at higher rates from time to time.

International Members? Yes! Thankfully! I do get emails from time to time from people who are frustrated by the low number of GPT sites for people outside the US and Canada. I’m always happy when I can find a program that I can add to the International list.

Paid? Yes! Total received: $321.18

  1. $25.29 Requested 05/22/13, Received 05/25/13
  2. $26.17 Requested 06/24/13, Received 06/27/13
  3. $27.07 Requested 07/19/13, Received 07/23/13
  4. $28.22 Requested 08/10/13, Received 08/13/13
  5. $28.03 Requested 09/08/13, Received 09/11/13
  6. $27.73 Requested 10/02/13, Received 10/05/13
  7. $27.05 Requested 10/25/13, Received 10/28/13
  8. $27.12 Requested 11/20/13, Received 11/23/13
  9. $52.35 Requested 01/13/14, Received 01/16/14
  10. $52.15 Requested 03/15/14, Received 03/19/14
  11. $52.48 Requested 07/01/14, Redemption Pending

My previous payments took about three days to arrive from the time requested. However, with the growth in membership, I’ve been reading from others that their payment requests are taking about 15 – 20 days, while the new Bank page states to allow up to 30 days.

The minimum payment is $50.00 as of 12/2013, and they pay via PayPal, check, VISA gift card, or with merchandise options called “Buy me this”

Bubblews Payment Proof:

PayPal e-checks from Bubblews.com

PayPal e-checks from Bubblews.com

Link: http://www.bubblews.com/?referral=5177dbe9894c63.91491225

Review and Impressions:

I joined Bubblews via a friend over at SideTick, and I’ve been just hooked. I had seen some of my Twitter followers posting Bubblews blog posts, so I knew this looked like a new and viable GPT program to check out.

I have to warn you right up front – this site is a huge productivity killer! From the first day there, I was completely hooked, and I’ve been spending a lot of time on the page surfing around.

Consider it a paid blogging site. You write blog posts of a minimum of 400 characters, and you get paid a certain amount of revenue share that the site earns from your page views. The more unique IP page views your posts get, the more you earn.

There are multiple payment proofs posted all over the site by other members, so this is an active and paying site.

Unfortunately, the site is just really bombarded with people trying to game the system. That was pretty obvious to me within an hour of joining. There are a ton of really great writers there posting very interesting posts… and there are also a number of scammers posting absolute garbage and asking for you to “connect” with them to increase their own page revenue.

The site is still very new but it’s constantly evolving. It’s had some growing pains with not enough staff, as well as server issues, but these items are slowly but surely being addressed.

I very rarely add a site to my Recommended list right off the bat, but I’m hoping for the best for this program. The number of payment proofs posted by their members, the overall addictive nature of the site, the opportunity for International members, and the responsiveness of the staff all are very positive things.

Also, much like SideTick, this is a site entirely peopled by others who are interested in GPT opportunities. The more you can really connect on a personal level with other GPT enthusiasts, the better it is for everyone involved!

Definitely join, but be warned. The addictive nature of this site will really pull you in and totally ruin any type of normal GPT routine you have!

Bubblews Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/GoBubblews

Bubblews Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bubblews

Originally posted: 04/30/13
Last update:  07/01/14




June 2014 Referral Program Ranking Results

Welcome July, and Happy Canada Day to everyone up North!

June was a stressful month for me, to say the least. After all the upheaval in April and May of my mother’s passing, I was hit again with another death in the family which took me away from being online, as you can see in the calendar below.

june2014I’ve also been busy offline, which cut into my online time. I had set a low goal for myself of $175. Surprisingly I passed that, ending the month at $264 with more than a few programs bumping up in their ranking.

Standard disclaimer as always applies – total redeemed is total amount of checks, PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards and WalMart Gift Cards received since joining. Your results will vary.

Program NameRedeemedAvg Min/Day
Program NameRedeemedAvg Min/Day
Fusion Cash1,462.0020
Unique Rewards244.8210
Gomez Peer Zone115.710
Opinion Outpost76.1010
Instant Cash Sweepstakes63.381
Glitter Network50.880
Gift Hunter Club22.002
Mindfield Online12.005
Jill's Click Corner6.715

Now to set a goal for July…. again, that will be a hard one. I’m looking forward and seeing big gaps in my calendar where I’ll be gone again. By the same token, I’m close to redeeming at Bubblews, but with their planned upgrade, I’m feeling that the time between clicking redeem and actually receiving the money in my PayPal may be a big delay this time around.

I’m feeling to be on the safe side, I’m going to set a low goal of $225. This will allow for redemptions I have pending right now at a number of different sites, as well as giving myself something to work towards.

Check back next month to see how I did! Have a great month, everyone!


StoreHours24 – Accepting Entries!

Originally posted: October, 2012

Name: StoreHours24 (Formerly iStoreHours)

Type of program: Crowdsourcing, Data Entry

Date joined: 09/28/12

Referral program? No

URL: http://www.storehours24.com

Current status 6/10/14: They’re live and accepting new entries! This site went offline last Fall, but they’ve now reopened as StoreHours24.com.

Most of the major chains have already been entered, but if you know of local stores or smaller chains that aren’t already loaded into the app, by all means get them submitted! Just make sure you do a duplicate search before submission and read the rules to make sure that the store you want to add is not already in the database, otherwise your work will be rejected.

Review: I found the original site, iStoreHours, via one of my PTC programs. I thought this looked like it could be a viable alternative for MTurk, so I decided to give it a shot. In a nutshell, you’re paid for entering the store information and hours for various retail and service businesses. This information is for a cool free app and widget by the same name that’s available for Smartphones or Websites.

There’s not much to registration; just a name and email address is required. They pay  $0.05 per new store added, and I was able to enter one store per minute. This is a little less than the standard $0.10 per minute that most crowdsourcing opportunities over at MTurk offer, but the upside is there’s plenty of work to do.

It takes a few days after submission to get your entries approved, to be sure that they are valid and correct entries and not duplicates.

Their member support is excellent. I’ve written to them twice with small issues, and both times they responded in less than 24 hours. They do occasionally close the submission form from time to time for maintenance, catch-up, and when they reach goals for new entries, but they always list when they’ll be accepting work again.

I really like this site as a good Mechanical Turk alternative. You don’t have to go searching for work to do. You can just sit down and start entering away for as little or as long as you’d like. Just be sure to read the rules on the site to see how they want the addresses formatted, and what types of entries are permissible to avoid rejections.

In a nutshell, as long as your entry is unique, has correct information that can be verified, has no glaring or spelling errors, has a real, physical address and is not a duplicate, you will make money. If you enter gibberish, bad information, or a business that is already in the database, your work will be rejected. It’s very easy!

I also love the idea of the app itself, as well. Coming from a metropolitan area where many places like large grocery stores or WalMart are open 24 hours, the idea of wondering if something was open was foreign to me. Once I moved to a small, rural location, I was surprised at the number of stores that had different opening and closing hours for every single day of the week.

Definitely grab the app for your smartphone, especially if you travel a lot.

Paid? Yes, paid many times.

Total Received: $451.59 Paid

StoreHours24s Payment Proof:

Most recent payments from are below. Screenshots from older 2012 payments are here and here, if anyone needs additional proof.

Originally posted: October, 2012
Last update: 07/14/14