Gift Hunter Club – Paid 14 Times

Originally posted: January, 2013

Name: Gift Hunter Club

Type of program: Paid Referrals, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos, Crowdsourcing, Contests

Date joined: 12/18/12

Referral program? Yes, pays a percentage of referral’s earnings two levels deep. They also have special promotion bonus for every 50 active referred users.


Paid? Yes! Minimum redemption is $5.00 Amazon Gift Card for 500 points, or $2.00 PayPal for 240 points. They also offer WalMart $10.00 Gift Cards for 1,000 points, and a wide variety of other retailers at various point levels. Payments are received within a few hours of cashing out.

Total Received: $49.00

Gift Hunter Club Payment Proof:

International members? From what I can see on their blog, it seems to be Spain, US, UK, France, Canada and Australia right now. I’ll update as I find out more.

Initial Review and Impression:  I came across Gift Hunter Club via an email advising me that this site, originally launched in Spain, was accepting US members. I joined right before the holidays but didn’t have any time to really sit down and look it until after the New Year.

For those who are already members of sites such as SwagBucks, GiftHulk, and others, this site layout will be very familiar. There are many easy ways to rack up points. They have the usual daily surveys, an offer wall with as of right now ten different affiliated rewards sites offering the standard lineup of surveys, paid videos, PTSU offers and trials. They have their own separate paid video section, and are also Crowdflower affiliates, making this another good MTurk alternative. They offer reward points for making a Facebook, forum, Twitter or blog post, as well as offering points for posting payment proof.

They have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a blog and newsletter, for keeping up with news.

If you’ve got time to add another earning site to your daily routine, this looks like another fast and easy earner.


Originally posted: January, 2013
Last update
: 04/18/15

StoreHours24 is Live!

Great news for StoreHours24 fans – the site is live again for North American members! They are accepting new entries for unique, valid business hours in the United States.

If you haven’t joined StoreHours24 before, now would be a great time to sign up. While most of the “big box” stores have been entered, there are still many smaller chain, franchise and local businesses that can be submitted.

You can read more about the site, as well as see my payment proof, at my original review.

StoreHours24 – Open!

Originally posted: October, 2012

Name: StoreHours24 (Formerly iStoreHours)

Type of program: Crowdsourcing, Data Entry

Date joined: 09/28/12

Referral program? No


International members? North America only

Paid? Yes, paid many times.

Total Received: $663.78 Paid

Review: I found the original site, iStoreHours, via one of my PTC programs. I thought this looked like it could be a viable alternative for MTurk, so I decided to give it a shot. In a nutshell, you’re paid for entering the store information and hours for various retail and service businesses. This information is for a cool free mobile app and widget by the same name that’s available for Smartphones or Websites.

There’s not much to registration; just a name and email address is required. They pay  $0.05 per new store added, and once I get on a roll, I’m able to enter about two stores per minute. This is pretty much in line with the standard $0.10 per minute that most crowdsourcing opportunities over at MTurk offer, and there’s plenty of work to do.

It takes a few days after submission to get your entries approved, to be sure that they are valid and correct entries and not duplicates.

Their member support is excellent. I’ve written to them twice with small issues, and both times they responded in less than 24 hours. They do occasionally close the submission form from time to time for maintenance, catch-up, and when they reach goals for new entries, but they always list when they’ll be accepting work again.

I really like this site as a good Mechanical Turk alternative. You don’t have to go searching for work to do. You can just sit down and start entering away for as little or as long as you’d like. Just be sure to read the rules on the site to see how they want the addresses formatted, and what types of entries are permissible to avoid rejections.

In a nutshell, as long as your entry is unique, has correct information that can be verified, has no glaring punctuation or spelling errors, has a real, physical address and is not a duplicate, you will make money. If you enter gibberish, bad information, or a business that is already in the database, your work will be rejected. It’s very easy!

I also love the idea of the app itself, as well. Coming from a metropolitan area where many places like large grocery stores or WalMart are open 24 hours, the idea of wondering if something was open was foreign to me. Once I moved to a small, rural location, I was surprised at the number of stores that had different opening and closing hours for every single day of the week.

Definitely grab the app for your smartphone, especially if you travel a lot.


StoreHours24 Payment Proof:

They pay often and consistently, so I don’t feel the need to update these screen shots any longer. Screenshots from older 2012 payments are here and here, if anyone needs additional proof. They pay via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

Originally posted: October, 2012
Last update: 04-18-15


e-Poll – Paid MANY Times!

Name: E-Poll

Type of program: Surveys

Date joined: 11/01/2002

Referral program? No, but offers affiliate program through Glitter Network


Minimum points for redemption: 2500 for Charity donations, Paypal or merchandise starts at 3750 for $5.00, or 7520 for $10.00

Amount earned: $75.00 Paid

Paid? Yes – many times! For this blog though, I’m just going to count payments received 2011 and beyond.

  1. $5.00 Paypal payment requested 5/13/11, received 6/21/11
  2. $5.00 Paypal payment requested 10/19/11, received 11/17/11.
  3. $5.00 Paypal payment requested 12/08/11, received 01/11/12
  4. $5.00 Paypal payment requested 02/09/12, received 03/08/12
  5. $5.00 Paypal payment requested 04/05/12, received 05/09/12
  6. $5.00 Paypal payment requested 05/28/12, received 06/11/12
  7. $10.00 Paypal payment requested 12/12/12, received 01/08/13
  8. $10.00 Paypal payment requested 05/24/13; received 06/07/13
  9. $10.00 PayPal payment requested 10/2013; received 11/2013
  10. $10.00 PayPal payment requested 05/29/14; received 06/13/14
  11. $5.00 PayPal payment requested 03/29/15, received 04/10/15


ePoll Payment Proof:

ePoll Paypal payments


Recommended? Yes, definitely legit, E-Poll is not a scam.. This one was another blast from the past from the good old days. They actually saved my account, and I was still able to log in with my old credentials. Unfortunately, I had lost 5400 points from not logging in for over a year. Check this out:



Oh well, what can you do, but start over again. Glad I did, because this is a consistent earner!

Originally posted: December, 2010
Last updated: 04/10/15

SwagBucks – 24th Payment Received!

Name: Swagbucks

Program type: Paid Search, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos, Paid Emails, Crowdsourcing, Paid Clicks, Paid Referrals, Cash Back Shopping, Contests, Paid Apps, MTurk Alternative

Date joined: 12/13/2010

Referral program? Yes


Amount made: $300.00 Paid

Paid? Yes! Multiple times.  Payment takes about a week to arrive via PayPal. You can redeem for merchandise, gift cards or PayPal in their Swag Store. Minimum redemption for a $5.00 card is 450 points, 2500 points for a $25.00 PayPal payment. There are many other redemption offers in the Swag Store as well, but these are the two most popular.

International: Swagbucks is open in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and India.

Swagbucks Payment Proof:

This page was getting a little long with all of my prior payment screenshots. Below are  payments from 2013 and on. Older payment screenshots are here and here, for anyone who wants more proof.


Originally posted: 01/2011
Last updated: 04-11/15


Get a $15 AMC or Regal Cinema gift card

We all love going to the movies during the summer. Whether you prefer the biggest blockbusters or the sweetest romantic comedy, Swagbucks can get you into the movies for free! Swagbucks is a rewards site that gives you points called “Swag Bucks” for things like searching, watching videos & browsing articles. You redeem those Swag Bucks for gift cards to places like Amazon, PayPal — and yes, even to the movies.

I’ve been a member of Swagbucks since 2010 and have cashed out many, many times.

Here’s how Swagbucks can help you can turn watching videos online into your watching movies in the theater for free: Earning 1,500 SB gets you enough for a $15 movie gift card from AMC or Regal Cinema! Whether you’re on the go, at home, or stuck at a desk, here’s how you can get your $15 movie gift card in just 1 week:

SBTV mobile on Android & iOS: Earn up to 36 SB per day watching everything from food videos & news to Hulu clips & music videos – 252 SB app on Android & iOS: Get 18 SB per day watching the latest movie trailers – 126 SB

EntertaiNOW app on Android & iOS (US only) – You can also earn another 18 SB per day checking out news on movies and TV shows, behind-the-scenes interviews and celebrity gossip – 126 SB

SBTV on Desktop: Watch a little bit of everything, including Hulu clips & music videos, but with a higher earning cap of 150 SB per day – 1,050 SB

When you have a specific SB goal (like a $15 AMC or Regal Cinema gift card) and a plan of action, you’ll get gift cards faster and check out the newest action-comedy or Oscar-nominated drama without spending extra money. There are even more ways to earn SB online, so take a look around and see what works best for you. You don’t have to wait until the next blockbuster comes out to start saving up with Swagbucks!

Visit Swagbucks to earn!

March 2015 Referral Program Ranking Results

Happy April! March was a great month. As you can see on the calendar, I was just gone the entire time. In the mornings, I’d do a few paid emails, PTCs, and Fusion Cash while I was having my coffee. Then on the weekends, maybe I’d have time to do one or two surveys, but other than that, I was just too busy to be online.


In spite of that, I managed to end  at just over $213, even after setting a low goal of $100 for myself for the month. As with February, a few programs reached the minimum payment thresholds to bring my balance up to enough to cash out, and this had a big shift in the ranking of the programs.

Program NameRedeemedAvg Min/Day
Program NameRedeemedAvg Min/Day
Fusion Cash2,224.7520
Unique Rewards285.2410
Gomez Peer Zone128.680
Instant Cash Sweepstakes86.701
Opinion Outpost76.1010
Glitter Network50.880
Gift Hunter Club39.002
Mindfield Online12.005
Jill's Click Corner6.715

I’d like to say that streak will continue, but it’s hard to say. I know I should receive a minimum of $100 in April based on the programs that have pending payments right now. I don’t want to keep setting low goals with nothing to work towards, but at the same time I’m not sure if April will be as busy as March was. I’m going to bump the goal up a bit to $125 for the month of April. Check back next month to see how I did!