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First Friday GiftHulk Fountain of Youth Codes – January 2015

Update: These have all been used – check back again next month!

Welcome 2015! Here are the first batch of GiftHulk FOY codes for the new year, to get you that much closer to cashout!

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December 2014 Referral Program Ranking Results

Happy New Year! December was a great month for me in spite of having a long time away, as a number of the referral programs hit minimum cashout thresholds and I was able to request payment.

Also, December was the month this blog crossed over $10,000 in earnings since I started doing online earning activities. While obviously it took me a long time to cross $10K, I also am only online for a very short amount of time each day, so to me this is a huge milestone!


I had set a goal for myself of $200, but with a number of smaller sites cashing out, was able to end the month at just over $265.

Program NameRedeemedAvg Min/Day
Program NameRedeemedAvg Min/Day
Fusion Cash2,059.7620
Unique Rewards244.8210
Gomez Peer Zone128.680
Instant Cash Sweepstakes76.921
Opinion Outpost76.1010
Glitter Network50.880
Gift Hunter Club29.002
Mindfield Online12.005
Jill's Click Corner6.715

Next month is anyone’s guess. I just needed to cancel a pending FusionCash payment and reschedule it for February, because I was having trouble with my GMX email account. So, that’s going to definitely cut into January’s earnings. I also have picked up a new contract for two days a week, so there are two less days I’ll be able to devote to any type of online earning opportunities. I’m going to keep another small goal of $200, and see how it goes.

Check back next month to see how I did, and again, Happy New Year!

Prolific Academic – First payment received

Name: Prolific Academic

Type: Surveys

Referral program? No

Paid? Yes! I received my very first payment in less than 24 hours of requesting it.

Prolific Payment Proof:

Paypal payment from Prolific

Paypal payment from Prolific


I joined Prolific as an additional way to do research studies outside of MTurk. The studies are all very interesting, and the dashboard will show you exactly how long each survey is intended to run for, so you can get a good idea of what your time per minute earnings will be. The sign up is fast and easy, and it only took me five surveys to reach the £5 cashout threshold.

As you can see from the payment screenshot, as a US participant, I needed to have PayPal convert my £6.77 GBP into US funds, and there was a tiny £0.07 GBP PayPal fee. This netted me in the end $10.19 for five very short studies.

I highly recommend this site!

Date posted: 12/20/14

SuperPoints – Reopened, first new payment received


Name: SuperPoints

Referral Program? Yes, pays 2500 points for every valid referral.

International? At this time, allows members from US, Canada, Great Britain and Australia only

URL: https://www.superpoints.com/join/340uE9uSlKO4gSNsl53ggFH1kJU

Date joined: 10/26/11

Amount earned: $41.00 Paid

SuperPoints Payment Proof:

Reopened SuperPoints redemption

Reopened SuperPoints redemption

Old SuperPoints redemptions

Old SuperPoints redemptions


Review: A few years ago, SuperPoints was everyone’s favorite program, until suddenly in late November 2012, they abruptly closed shop, leaving many members with unpaid balances. While they worked hard to process redemptions that were backlogged before closing, there were still people who never got paid.

This type of situation is why I always recommend to cash out at the minimum, no matter what. You can never expect when a company will run out of funding. I can’t ever say it’s a good idea to leave a large unpaid balance in any account.

They reopened under new management in June of 2014, but other that giving a few spins on that old familiar ‘Super Lucky Button’, I didn’t pay that much attention to it. After my move, I decided to give them a try again.

I requested and received my payout with no problem. Although the new earning structure is much lower than the old one, I also have many less referrals now than I did before. I’ll see how earnings proceed now that I’m using the site more.

Last update: 12/19/14

Fusion Cash – Pays every month like clockwork!

Name: FusionCash

Date joined: 12/02/2010

Program type: Surveys, Paid Clicks, Paid Email, Paid Videos Paid Registrations, Paid Search, Crowdsourcing, Cash Back Shopping, Mystery Shopping, Data Entry

Referral program? Yes, one of the most generous out there. Pays $1.00 for each verified referral, $2.00 when the referral completes their first offer, and $5.00 each and every time your referral cashes out! Amazing!

URL: http://fca.sh/192o9

Free Money at FusionCash!


Amount earned:  $2,059.76 Paid

 International? US/Canada only

Paid? Yes! Paid many times!. Last 20 payments are below… an archive of my older payments is stored here.


FusionCash Review: Recommended? Definitely. Everyone has only good things to say about this program. This is my top earner in all the referral-type programs I belong to. I get a lot of searches to this blog by people looking for “Fusion Cash Scam” — but this is no scam at all! Fusion Cash is definitely legit. Many different ways to earn, no matter what type of work you want to do.

Originally posted: 12-03-2010
Last updated:

First Friday GiftHulk Fountain of Youth Codes – December 2014

Update 1:30 PM – these have all been used! Check back next month!

Well, since I first thought about running the first Friday FOY codes, life got very busy! I haven’t had a chance to sit down and get these out until this month. In any event, here are some GiftHulk codes for the first one who can grab them, to get you that much closer to cashout.

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