Pinecone Research – Legit, Paid Multiple Times

Originally posted: September, 2012

Name: Pinecone Research

Type of program: Surveys

Date joined: 08/01/12

Referral program? No


Amount earned: $201.00

Paid? Yes! Multiple times. My 20 most recent payments are below. Because they tend to pay so often, I’m updating the screenshot at the end of each month.


Pinecone Research Payment Proof:



Recommended? Yes, definitely! I love this site a lot. The length of the surveys is very reasonable. They’ve recently changed the redemption process, so now you have to actually request payment as opposed to it coming automatically. With the new payment system, I’ve been credited for surveys about 2 business days after I take them, and I received my Paypal payments another 2 days after that.

How to Join: Pinecone only offers new applicants at certain times through elite referrals. One place that I do know right now is offering Pinecone registrations is through FusionCash, so you can join there if you’re not already a member, and try to quickly jump on the registration. Hurry though! This will go fast!


Originally posted: September, 2011
Last update: 4-17-14

Fusion Cash – 26th Payment Received!

Name: FusionCash

Date joined: 12/02/2010

Program type: Surveys, Paid Clicks, Paid Email, Paid Videos Paid Registrations, Paid Search, Crowdsourcing, Cash Back Shopping, Mystery Shopping, Data Entry

Referral program? Yes, one of the most generous out there. Pays $1.00 for each verified referral, $2.00 when the referral completes their first offer, and $5.00 each and every time your referral cashes out! Amazing!


Free Money at FusionCash!


Amount earned:  $1,239.94 Paid

 International? US/Canada only

Paid? Yes! Paid many times!. Most recent payments below…. an archive of my older payments is stored here.








FusionCash Review: Recommended? Definitely. Everyone has only good things to say about this program. This is my top earner in all the referral-type programs I belong to. I get a lot of searches to this blog by people looking for “Fusion Cash Scam” — but this is no scam at all! Fusion Cash is definitely legit. Many different ways to earn, no matter what type of work you want to do.

Originally posted: 12-03-2010
Last updated:

Gift Hunter Club – Paid 10 Times

Originally posted: January, 2013

Name: Gift Hunter Club

Type of program: Paid Referrals, Surveys, Paid Registrations, Paid Videos, Crowdsourcing, Contests

Date joined: 12/18/12

Referral program? Yes, pays a percentage of referral’s earnings two levels deep. They also have special promotion bonus for every 50 active referred users.


Paid? Yes! Minimum redemption is $5.00 Amazon Gift Card for 500 points, or $2.00 PayPal for 240 points. They also offer WalMart $10.00 Gift Cards for 1,000 points, and a wide variety of other retailers at various point levels. Payments are received within a few hours of cashing out.

Gift Hunter Club Payment Proof:

PayPal payments from

PayPal payments from

International members? From what I can see on their blog, it seems to be Spain, US, UK, France, Canada and Australia right now. I’ll update as I find out more.

Initial Review and Impression:  I came across Gift Hunter Club via an email advising me that this site, originally launched in Spain, was accepting US members. I joined right before the holidays but didn’t have any time to really sit down and look it until after the New Year.

For those who are already members of sites such as SwagBucks, GiftHulk, and others, this site layout will be very familiar. There are many easy ways to rack up points. They have the usual daily surveys, an offer wall with as of right now ten different affiliated rewards sites offering the standard lineup of surveys, paid videos, PTSU offers and trials. They have their own separate paid video section, and are also Crowdflower affiliates, making this another good MTurk alternative. They offer reward points for making a Facebook, forum, Twitter or blog post, as well as offering points for posting payment proof.

They have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a blog and newsletter, for keeping up with news.

If you’ve got time to add another earning site to your daily routine, this looks like another fast and easy earner.


Originally posted: January, 2013
Last update
: 04-17-14

#MovieMonday: 1997 Academy Awards

Votes are in from last week’s #MovieMonday, and readers picked It’s a Wonderful Life by a landslide as their favorite from the Oscar nominees for 1947.

This year around we’re jumping up to 1997 and the nominees for the Best Picture from the 1996 movies. Take a second to cast your vote for your favorite film:



Who did I vote for? Check it my 1997 Oscar pick for Best Picture over at Bubblews!

Thanks for voting!